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So...I will probably not be updating much in the next month, as I am off to England. I catch the plane bright and early (or at least early) tomorrow morning. There had better be coffee.

So as not to leave you in suspense re: Egil's Report Part II, everything was fabulous, knitted kittens were had and loved, and an award was nearly not given! But it was given anyway. I shall relate more dramatic versions of these stories later, when there is more time and our ride to Portland is not on its way.

I will keep a journal while I'm gone, and I shall make a full (or half, like the Egil's report) report when I return. All of you take care of yourselves and be here when I get back, or there shall be WRATH. And possible weeping. And monkeys, just because. Monkeys are fun. Go, monkeys!

Also, I have an iPod. It has much music and audio books on it, and it will keep me amused while I am on the plane. It may, possibly, keep other people amused. One of the advantages of the iPod is the Strongbad E-mails Podcast. Strongbad is mighty.

And now, I must flee. Take care, everyone! Remain alive! That is an order!


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