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We ate breakfast this morning around 11:30 am. Breakfast consisted of leftover pasta (we ate Italian food Friday night) and cold apple pie from last night. Oh, and coffee was acquired. I had two cups, so I had plenty of energy for today's activity: Geocaching.

According to my research (i.e. talking to Alex and Jason), "geocaching" is where people hide things in places all over the country and then post GPS coordinates and clues so that others can find what they've hidden. It's basically a huge treasure hunt. Some of the clues are logic puzzles, and sometimes a series of caches lines up to lead to a larger prize. Some caches follow a system of "take a treasure, leave a treasure," while others contain guestbooks for successful questers to sign. Good thing I wore my pirate shirt today; we be treasure huntin' mateys, arrrrr!

Our geocaching expedition was mostly successful. We found two out of the three caches we searched for, and we just found out that the first cache was missing and was replaced shortly after we left. We also had a lot of fun. Alex and I are already planning to go geocaching some afternoon next week after class. He's going to have a lot to do for work, but I figure we can find some point where he can take a break for a couple of hours.

Geocaching is mainly tracked on a website (Geocaching). You can set up an account and post which caches you've found and when. You can also post coordinates and clues for your own geocaches. Alex and I are already planning our first--we think we know the perfect spot--and we've set up our joint account on the website. I have already logged the caches that we found today.

Now, I plan to find my belt pack and set it up with a geocaching kit--small flashlight, extra batteries for the GPS, pen, small logbook for tracking expedition progress, etcetera. Bandages would probably be a good addition to such a kit, as well as a disposable camera. Since some caches are "take a treasure, leave a treasure," I'm considering carrying some sort of small, signature object that I can leave in such caches. Perhaps I should purchase more microninja.

Obviously, I'm hooked on geocaching. It's fun, and it's also great exercise. Jason says that some geocachers carry custom-made stamps with them and stamp the logs in the caches rather than signing them by hand. I think that's a really neat idea. Conversely, some of the cache maintainers leave custom stamps in their caches so that people who find them can stamp their personal log books. I think that's also a nifty idea.

Tonight's dinner will include chicken pot pie, made by the illustrious Katie, and then I think we're headed home. Class starts tomorrow. In a way, I can't wait, but in another way, I wish I had another week. Ah, well.

I'm off to look at the geocaching site some more.


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