Sep. 28th, 2006 08:33 am
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So, Alex is now in Washington, and I have to stay here because I have to go to school. I miss him. However, I do get to stay with my parents, which means that, between school and driving lessons and things like that, I don't have any chores to do. This means that I can write! I feel a little worried about the state that the house will be in when we return in a couple of days, but I doubt it will be anything terrible. Loki is actually very restrained when it comes to destruction of property. I wouldn't be surprised if he finds one of his feather sticks and spreads the feathers around, though.

[ profile] vesta_aurelia wrote an LJ entry recently on "The Greek Chorus," which she describes as "that nattering chorus in the back of your own head that mutters and sneers at your every accomplishment, making each achievement -- no matter how great or glorious -- small and neglible." I have one of these, and it constantly chants, "You will never be a writer." I'm working on shutting it up, but it's difficult. I have a hard time sitting down and disciplining myself to write, even though it is one activity that I truly love. This confuses me somewhat. I do know that, unless I make the time to write every day, I am doomed to failure. This depresses me, as I'm having a hard time figuring out where to carve out some time. I think that I can do it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between classes, but I need to find a safe, secret place to do it, free from distractions. This should be my next mission.

It doesn't help that I do have other responsibilities, and most of these have to come before my writing. That also bugs me. I understand that it must be this way, but it still bugs me.

I am missing my coffee this morning. This slightly foofy non-caffeine tea is just not the same. I shall probably try to hunt up some black tea in a little while. My parents do their best, but both of them have high blood pressure, so they're not supposed to drink caffeine. Thus, there is probably no caffeine in the house. Drat.

Ah, well. I got to have a nice chat with both parents yesterday. I am also reading a book called Ghost Writer that is really very fascinating. I highly recommend it.

I should probably go and put some clothes on (yay, pajamas!) and then call my driving teacher to see if he will come and pick me up here rather than making me take the bus to Eugene. Further updates later.

Oh! And before I forget, go and read Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog. If you like Chaucer/medieval literature, you will love this. It's hilarious.

ADDENDUM: My word for the day is "avast," as in, "Avast, ye scurvy Greek Chorus! Yer foul chanting shall have no effect on me piratical soul! Arrrrrrrrr!"
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I am sitting now in exactly the same place from which I updated my LJ yesterday. I have a chai latte' today, as well, but it is hot instead of iced. I'm mainly updating because an interesting incident happened yesterday that I forgot to mention in yesterday's entry.

Some of Alex's coworkers and I were walking from the office to the nearby Safeway in order to acquire some much-needed caffeine. As we neared the supermarket in question, we were accosted by a scraggly man with long, salt-and-pepper hair and a scruffy beard who requested change while holding out the Starbucks cup he clutched in his latex-gloved hands. We explained that we had no change and moved to the corner to cross the street. A few moments later, we were re-accosted by the same man, who looked at the most senior and conservative-looking of us and demanded, "You telepaths don't believe in the spirit world, am I right?"

Needless to say, we were a bit dumbfounded. Our friend gave a noncommital answer, at which point he was accused of "bullshit" and told that he couldn't fool the apparently enlightened gentleman. This made us all distinctly uncomfortable. The man eventually got tired of ranting at our friend and wandered back to where we first encountered him, muttering to himself. We crossed the street in silence, and it wasn't until we had ordered and received our respective coffee-like beverages that we began to wonder aloud about telepathy and the telepathic potential of our friend. Nothing came of that conversation, but it did relieve our minds a bit. It's a bit scary to have someone declare your telepathic powers and then yell at you for whatever reason. I am still uncertain what it was about our friend's answer that infuriated the man so much.

Strange people walk the streets, my friends. I'm still wondering why he was wearing latex gloves. He had a cat with him, as well, but the cat seemed content to sleep in the shadow of the Safeway. Those of you who are Discworld fans will understand why I was reminded of Foul Ol' Ron and Gaspode. No offense is meant to the man we met; the situation was just so similar.

Time to go and work on Jane and Cassandra until it's time to head home.
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Yes, I am working a bit. Not for money, but working on Cassandra's Codex. It goes a bit slowly, but she's talking to me again, and that's progress. I think she was sulking a bit earlier. I'm having a hard time writing the scene that comes after what I've already posted, but the scene following that is actually flowing nicely in my head. I just have to discipline myself, write the difficult scene, and then write the fun one.

This has been an interesting weekend. We came up to Washington so that Alex could take care of some things for his dad. Yesterday, Alex and Jason went tool shopping, and they were kind enough to drop me off at Borders before they left. (I tend to be very bored by tools; bookshops, on the other hand, can endlessly hold my attention.) I finally managed to pick up The Gates of Sleep by Mercedes Lackey, which I have been looking for for some time. (That's one of the Masters series, [ profile] arianadream--I'll lend it to you when I get home. I think you'll like it.) I also purchased a blank book that has graph paper pages and a leather cover, justifying that purchase with the argument that it is perfect for charting knitting patterns and keeping track of projects of that kind. This is true, of course. Also, this book looks much better at SCA events than my canary yellow miniature legal pad that I usually use. I also bought a Calendar of Saints book from the bargain shelf for medieval research purposes. I was remarkably restrained, leaving many tempting books on their shelves, where they belonged (at least for the present).

That done, I wandered over to the in-store cafe', ordered an iced mint tea (mmm!), and settled at a sunny window to relax. I had my knitting with me, but I didn't manage to actually do any. Instead, I pulled out my PDA and started writing about how irresistible new notebooks are and what it's like to buy one when you don't really need it. Here is an excerpt:
Blank Book Seduction )

This is just one example of the silliness that occasionally comes into my head when I am in a writing mood and don't have a proper notebook with me. The PDA, while practical, is simply not the same. I do plan to finish this little piece and refine it eventually, simply because it amuses me and I know that I am not the only one who has been seduced by a particularly spiffy blank book. My drawer at home is getting rather full.

After my lovely morning, Alex and Jason returned to tell me that, while the tool shop they had originally wanted to visit was closed, they had managed to visit a camping store instead. Alex purchased stainless steel espresso cups and margarita/martini glasses for camping. I was highly amused. (Yes, we have made margaritas while camping--at Egil's, in fact--and they are delicious when you just want to kick back and relax.) We all went to lunch and then shopped for dinner. Following that, we headed back to Jason's house so that he and Alex could "weld things to other things."

While Alex and Jason played with torches and metal in the front driveway (something to do with the Jeep), I took advantage of the nice weather to sit out in the backyard, knit, and read. I was over halfway through The Gates of Sleep by the end of the day. (For further updates on my knitting, see [ profile] needle_ninja later on today.) We had dinner with Jason and his girlfriend, Heather. It was very nice. After that, Alex and I went back to his dad's apartment, where we pretty much immediately went to bed. I finished The Gates of Sleep at about two this morning, ironically. I proceeded to fall asleep with the light on, and I had weird dreams. I have no discipline when it comes to reading a good book, and the gates of sleep were closed to me until I finished, in any case.

Today has been relatively relaxed. I find myself with a good deal of time on my hands, but I do have much to do in that time. I shall probably update [ profile] needle_ninja, then improve my mind with a good book or see about getting some writing done. This week looks to be pretty busy by the time we get home--we have to go and buy more flooring for upstairs, and we have to get another load from the old house, or at least sort through some of the boxes that we've already moved. And I need more driving lessons! Must call the driving school when I return home.

More updates later, when I think of more to say. There is a chai latte here that needs drinking.
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Here I sit, sipping beer. I would swill it, as I understand that swilling is actually the appropriate method for consuming beer, but the beer is too good. So, I sip it instead.

Tonight is the Assylum Christmas Party. I feel honored to be made part of the tradition. I did not live at the Assylum, and neither did Alex, but we have been absorbed. It's lovely to be part of an insane, slightly dysfunctional family. We are forgoing the Traditional Turkey Fiasco this year in favor of some pot roast that is smelling absolutely fantastic at the moment. (The Traditional Turkey Fiasco usually involves some horrible misfortune befalling the turkey, at which point Alex steps in and saves the day. This year, he saved the day by making pot roast instead.) There are also cookies. They are yummy cookies, but I have been forbidden to touch them until the company gets here. Drat.

I have been amazingly hilarious this trip, but I can't remember any of the funny conversations we have had. This upsets me greatly. My short-term memory is truly dreadful. My long-term memory is not much better, but that's all right. I do remember that we watched Fantastic 4 last night. The movie is absolutely dreadful, but we enjoyed mocking it. Do not bother watching it. It is truly, truly not worth it.

I am also feeling wonderfully productive. Cassandra's Codex is coming along nicely, but I'm not going to post any of it until I have at least Chapter 1 done. I'll let you all know when that happens, and then I'll be posting there regularly (I hope!) after that. All of you who have requested to be added to the friends list for [ profile] cassandra_codex have been added, as far as I know. I'll double-check before I post the first entry. I'm still not happy with what I have so far, but some tweaking will happen after I finish the first chapter and before I post. I would also like to emphasize that the chapters that are posted on [ profile] cassandra_codex are going to be pretty rough. Thanks for bearing with me.

I have knitted 35 rows on my winter scarf. At this rate, I may be done about when winter ends. Ah, well. Next year, I shall have a nice warm scarf to go with my hat. *hugs hat*

I think that I must go and either try to write or attempt to read. Writing sounds good. Maybe I'll do some notes, as company is expected soon and I do not wish any actual writing to be interrupted.


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