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I would like to begin this entry by stating, clearly and unequivocably, that I detest Chekov. We went to The Seagull on Friday night, and it was the most depressing thing I have ever seen. It was well done, well acted, and, I think, could not have been a better performance. The depression was entirely Chekov's fault. It didn't help that part of the play was about depressed writers, and I've been feeling a bit down about my writing lately. (This has passed; Cassandra is speaking to me again! *SQUEE!*)

In any case, it was a fairly relaxed Thanksgiving weekend. I spent it with my husband and in-laws, and there was much good food and conversation. Alex and I finally gave his sister and brother-in-law their Christmas presents from last year. His sister's hand-knitted socks fit perfectly, but I forgot to take a picture of her wearing them. Ah, well. I should be able to have her send me a picture of her wearing the socks.

I didn't get to see any of my side of the family, however. Mom and Dad are down in California with Grandma, and Josh had to work all weekend long. (I really do think that all grocery and retail stores should close by 4:00 pm on Thanksgiving so that the employees can go home and spend time with their families. It's a crime how they keep them working until really late on Thanksgiving, especially considering how much things slow down in the late afternoon/early evening.) Dad is coming home on Tuesday, but Mom is staying on until who-knows-when. Grandma really isn't doing well, and the doctors are still trying to figure out how to help her. In the meantime, Grandma is practically bedridden. The pain is much better, but now severe nausea has set in and she still can't leave her bed for more than a few minutes at a time. Mom feels that she needs to be with Grandma right now, and I agree, even though I miss her a lot.

I woke up this morning to find snow on the ground and all over the trees, and still falling in that soft, powdered-sugar sort of way. I am probably still going to class this morning but, as my afternoon class is watching The Court Jester and I just found out that my final paper is due Wednesday afternoon, not Friday afternoon, I think I'm going to be home this afternoon finishing up the paper and watching The Court Jester while I work on finishing my cloak. The paper shouldn't take too much time--I'm already on page 2 out of 10 and I still need to add in some references for that section (clothes). Then I get to write about the other things that display status at a medieval feast.

My one disappointment about not going to school all day today is that I won't be able to walk down to the yarn store and talk to the yarn ladies about my dilemma. I am about one-third of the way through my feather and fan shawl (more on that in [livejournal.com profile] needle_ninja), and I am almost out of yarn. Unfortunately, I bought this yarn about three years ago, so I doubt that they will have the same dye lot anymore. I shall have to ask the yarn ladies what to do. If it doesn't happen today, that's all right. I have other projects to finish.

More later. At the moment, I can't tell whether there's actual snow coming down, or if I'm just watching the wind blow snowflakes off the trees.
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Today, I was walking from finishing a good driving lesson to quickly grab some lunch before I had to meet with a class group. I had my iPod going, and it was playing "Your Song" as sung by Ewan MacGregor in Moulin Rouge. So, there was nifty swelling music in my ear, and even though it was raining, I was in a very good mood. Then a random young man came up to me and said, "Would you like an umbrella?" He offered me a bright blue umbrella, which I gladly accepted. The blueness of the umbrella (it is exactly the shade of blue of a cloudless spring sky) perked me up even more. I was also interested to find, taped to the handle, an invitation for me to Repent and Accept the Good News. This seems to me to be the most useful ministry ever. Having already Accepted the Good News, I felt free to happily use the umbrella. I opened the umbrella and was surrounded by blue just as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and the song reached its climactic chords. Good times. It's amazing how much joy a blue umbrella can bring.

Today was crazy-busy, but I still managed to crank out half a letter to Jane over my morning coffee. I hope to finish that up this evening and post it. I have turned in my paper, and now I have another one to write--but this second one should be much easier. I plan to write that after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, that's tomorrow! We are going over to my mom-in-law's house tomorrow, after picking up Alex's sister and brother-in-law. There will be food and a big puzzle and a cat who will revel in all of the attention that she is going to get. I expect that my cat will be lonesome, which means that he should get lots of love this evening (providing I can catch him).

Since I probably won't be posting tomorrow, I just wanted to wish all of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving. May your holiday be full of food and family, and may you be able to relax! I am very thankful for all of you.

I think that I shall go and see about getting some fun writing done while Alex plays Lego Star Wars. Or maybe I'll just knit mindlessly. We'll see.


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