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I am sitting now in exactly the same place from which I updated my LJ yesterday. I have a chai latte' today, as well, but it is hot instead of iced. I'm mainly updating because an interesting incident happened yesterday that I forgot to mention in yesterday's entry.

Some of Alex's coworkers and I were walking from the office to the nearby Safeway in order to acquire some much-needed caffeine. As we neared the supermarket in question, we were accosted by a scraggly man with long, salt-and-pepper hair and a scruffy beard who requested change while holding out the Starbucks cup he clutched in his latex-gloved hands. We explained that we had no change and moved to the corner to cross the street. A few moments later, we were re-accosted by the same man, who looked at the most senior and conservative-looking of us and demanded, "You telepaths don't believe in the spirit world, am I right?"

Needless to say, we were a bit dumbfounded. Our friend gave a noncommital answer, at which point he was accused of "bullshit" and told that he couldn't fool the apparently enlightened gentleman. This made us all distinctly uncomfortable. The man eventually got tired of ranting at our friend and wandered back to where we first encountered him, muttering to himself. We crossed the street in silence, and it wasn't until we had ordered and received our respective coffee-like beverages that we began to wonder aloud about telepathy and the telepathic potential of our friend. Nothing came of that conversation, but it did relieve our minds a bit. It's a bit scary to have someone declare your telepathic powers and then yell at you for whatever reason. I am still uncertain what it was about our friend's answer that infuriated the man so much.

Strange people walk the streets, my friends. I'm still wondering why he was wearing latex gloves. He had a cat with him, as well, but the cat seemed content to sleep in the shadow of the Safeway. Those of you who are Discworld fans will understand why I was reminded of Foul Ol' Ron and Gaspode. No offense is meant to the man we met; the situation was just so similar.

Time to go and work on Jane and Cassandra until it's time to head home.


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