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So, yes. I still live, breathe, stand upright, and even drive occasionally. (Like yesterday. I drove all over the place yesterday. I will have my license by fall.) Life has been crazy-busy, but in a good way. I don't have time this morning to issue a full report, but here is my To-Do List for today. It should give you some idea of what I've been up to.

To Do:
1. Get out of bed and get coffee.
2. Eat stroopwaffel (sp?). (In progress.)
3. Clean out truck so that [livejournal.com profile] arianadream has a place to sit.
4. Find and pack toiletries, including extra-strength antacids. (This is not a reflection on anyone I plan to see this weekend; it is just an important precaution.)
5. Pack truck with eventing gear.
6. Double-check to make sure that all Summits scribal gear is packed and ready to go. (It is, but a double-check won't hurt anything.)
7. Wait for [livejournal.com profile] arianadream to arrive. (8:00 am)
8. Go to June Investiture!
9. Set up Baronial Pavilions.
10. Relax.
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This has been an interesting week/weekend/week. Last week, Alex and I moved wood. Lots and lots and lots and lots of wood. I felt very strong. Said wood is black walnut, and we will never have to buy black walnut for turning/making furniture/anything ever again. This is fine by me, as I love black walnut. Alex plans to make us some furniture. I want a loom.

Last weekend, Alex and I went to Amergin's Revenge, which is a fun bardic competition. We both brought sewing projects and scribal stuff, as neither of us was planning to compete. This made for a very, very relaxed event. We brought our friend Jon along. This was his first event, and he stood up and competed! Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear him, as I was away doing Busy Official Scribal Pre-Court stuff. But I hear he did well. [livejournal.com profile] arianadream competed for Overall Best Bard, and not only did she win that, she also won Baronial Bardic Champion! Go, [livejournal.com profile] arianadream! She is my SCA sister, and I am incredibly proud of her. Her song, in particular, was friggin' gorgeous. I love Gregorian chant/plainsong, and [livejournal.com profile] arianadream's voice provided that touch of the unearthly that makes said music so beautiful.

The feast was very good. We had vegetable soup, and pork loin, and chicken, and really good bread, and lots of tart-like desserts. It was nice to sit with family and friends (my parents were there, as well, and I got to chat with them a bit) and eat and talk.

I was a busy bee at Amergin's, despite my resolve to relax. I think I just find work relaxing. Alex and I chopped carrots for the feast (lots and lots of carrots!), did scribal stuff (just the official stuff; I didn't manage to get out all of the scribal stuff that I brought to work on), and worked on our sewing projects. I also got to do a bit of Court Heraldry! That was fun. I screwed up the first time (reading half of the text of the award before the recipient could make it up to kneel before Their Excellencies), but the second time was much better. I hope I get to do that again. I also performed "Gawain and the Loathly Lady" in between acts, just for fun. Being able to get up there and know I was just doing it for the entertainment value was very restful and enjoyable, but I almost wish I had entered just to get the feedback from the judges. That was the first time I'd told that story, and it would have been interesting to see how it went over. Everybody was quiet during the telling and chuckled at the appropriate places, so I guess they were at least amused.

Also, I learned the benefits of wandering into the kitchen at the right time. I went in to give the signed Amergin's award scrolls to the scribe who would put in the names and things (the same scribe who designed the pretty, pretty awards). She took them, and then I was approached by someone with a spatula. The spatula was covered in yummy-looking dough. They gave me a taste. It was delicious, and I complimented the cooks. I was then given the entire spatula to "clean." The spatula was large, and I felt about six years old as I stood there and licked all of the batter off. The cooks seemed amused. It was good batter.

I think I enjoyed the event most because I got to try a lot of new things. I've never worked in the kitchen for a feast before. I've never done Court Heraldry before. I would like to do both again.

Unfortunately for me, I started to get a sore throat on Sunday night. I thought it was because I'd been talking all weekend, but no. I have a bad cold that kept me from school yesterday. I hope it will not keep me from school tomorrow! I have a cough and a sore throat and I sound like a whispering, incoherent frog.

On the upside, I have finished handsewing the outside of my cloak, and the inside will be cut out just as soon as I have washed and dried the fabric. I was thinking about making the cloak a complete circle, but, at three-quarters of a circle, it is already quite full. I think I'll probably stop here, leaving enough wool left over for a bliaut, I hope! (I think I have about four yards left of the blue wool.)

I must make more garb. And do more scribal stuff. Oh, and write papers for homework. Bah upon homework! Bah, I say!

Midterms this Friday. Blargh. Still, I'm feeling positive!

Now, I must go and attend to the laundry.


Aug. 15th, 2006 06:43 pm
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Actually, that squee should be a bit more definite. I went in and had my hair done today, and I am now back to my "natural" red color. I'm a natural redhead on the inside. Even my hairdresser thinks I should be a redhead.

In Random News, I have just been looking at the updated "You May Not Bring These Things On An Airplane!!!!one!!!" list, and I have learned that I am not allowed to carry spear guns in my carry-on luggage. I shall just have to remember that.

Alex and I went to a fun SCA event last weekend. It was lovely and relaxed. I felt like a hero when a lovely lady came into our camp and asked if I had any spare Summits charters with me, and I did. I got to meet our new Prince and Princess, who are sweet and spiffy people. I also learned that the Hawaiian word "hula" comes from a Mongolian word for "celebrate." Instead of shouting "Huzzah!" in court, we shouted "Hu-LA!" I kept wanting to shimmy, but I wasn't allowed to because I was standing behind Their Excellencies and therefore had to behave myself. I settled for whispering and giggling with the young lady (Maeve) beside me, but very quietly so that we wouldn't get in trouble. She and I formed a new cheer, which we used with permission from the kindly crowned heads in front of us: "Hip, hip, SHINY!" Court is fun.

I also received my Arts Grail, which means (I think) that the Golden Comb I designed and painted (and worked! and slaved! and wept!) was appreciated. It made me very happy. Her Highness, by the way, has a very impish grin when she wants to.

I have also been drafted to knit many, many more kittens. Many.

I wish I had photos to show. I keep promising those, but I need to figure out how to hook up my camera to Carpet Ship so that I can upload photos.

I love SCA people. I really do. I think that one of my favorite parts of being Baronial Scribe is getting to meet new people and get to know them. Alex and I are going to the Nordholt Arts and Sciences day this Saturday, so we'll get to meet even more people. Way too much fun. I also really need to get going on more scribal stuff, like setting up a regular Scribal Night with classes and all of that spiffiness.

Must write more on Cassandra. Also, must get Pacific application done and sent. Whee.

But first, must go play video games.
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So...need to get together with people next week. Have SCA event this weekend, for which much scribal work must be done on the morrow. Have written about a page for Cassandra's Codex, which is swiftly turning into a chapter. Am planning embroidery project for aforementioned event weekend, embellishing wool hood. Purchased embroidery wool for aforementioned hood. Sleep will come soon.

Tuesday was Scribal Night, and we had one person show up--a newcomer! This brought me great joy. Scribal Night brought her great joy, as well, and she has promised to return when she can. Huzzah!

Again, I don't have much to say at the moment. Life continues apace, and much of it is good. I can't ask for much more.

Now watch the hypnotic electric camels and send me chocolate. Mm. Chocolate.
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This has been my morning thus far:

(Scene: Elfie is in bed with the covers over her head, dozing on and off and trying very hard not to think about the things she needs to do today. The time is about 7:30 am.)
PHONE: Answer me! Answer me!
ELFIE: Mrrrgh. Stupid phone. Begone.
ALEX: Stupid phone! *answers it* Hello? Hello? *bad word of some kind*
PHONE: *is mockingly silent*

(An hour later.)
PHONE: Answer me! Answer me!
ALEX: *answers phone again* Hello? Hello? Oh, hi! *has actual conversation*
ELFIE: Might as well get up. *gets up, stumbles to bathroom, dons terry robe, goes to living room*

(Scene: Living room. Elfie curls up on the couch and stares blearily at the television, not really seeing it but wondering why people appear to be shooting one another repeatedly.)
ELFIE'S BRAIN: Does Not Compute. Please insert Coffee and Reboot.
ELFIE: Can't move.
ALEX: *appears suddenly* EAT THIS COOKIE!
ELFIE: *blinks, but obeys* 'nk you.
ESPRESSO MACHINE: *makes noises*
ALEX: *reappears suddenly with cup of espresso* DRINK COFFEE!
ELFIE: *takes coffee gratefully* Thank you. *adores husband*
ELFIE'S BRAIN: Whirr...whirr...beep! Booting EOS**.

And now I must go and do more work. Please to be thinking happy thoughts in this direction--it would be really nice if the rain stopped before Egil's.

**EOS = Elfie Operating System
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Okay. So, it's exactly one week (give or take a few hours) before Alex and I are supposed to be on site for Egil's, setting up.

YAAAAAAARRRRGH! <--Happy/Stressy Noise

I am both nervous and excited. There is still much to do, but it is getting done. Most of the major scribal projects are completely finished, and I just found out at the meeting tonight that I get to do a meet-'n'-greet social-type thing with two of the Major Scribes in the area. SQUEE! I will be calm and professional and not fangirl them, I promise. Her Excellency is awesome and wins at life. Alex is putting together everything that we will need for Gate. Everybody is pulling together to make this event happen, and it just makes me so proud to be part of Adiantum.

I also have a Scribal Slave Helper who wants to be my Deputy and stuff. She's never been to an event, but she and her husband (who has also never been to an event) are already sooo into the SCA it's not funny. They're coming to archery practice with us tomorrow. This fills me with glee. (The amusing thing is that the aforementioned Helper has already called herself "Elfie's Scribal Slave" in public. She is a darling, charming person, and she and her husband will both be suitably rewarded for being so much help before their very first SCA event. But don't tell them that, if you know who they are. It's a surprise.) I can always use another Deputy, though Alex is absolutely awesome when it comes to that. To be perfectly honest, I think that our Barony got two Baronial Scribes for the price of one. Alex is definitely my full partner in this.

I have to give a presentation on Monday. It is no big deal, just 30% of my grade. Gah. No big deal, no big deal, no big deal...honestly, I only have to talk for two minutes, and I know exactly what I'm going to talk about. I just have to go through and highlight some stuff and make some notes so I remember.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] buneater, [livejournal.com profile] gravityslave, [livejournal.com profile] brightshadowsky, [livejournal.com profile] arianadream and anybody else who likes to make icons, here's a little challenge:

I desire an icon. )

It is a silly icon idea, but it amuses me. If you can think of other variations that have the same idea and horrible wordplay, enjoy creating them.

And now I must sleep. The immense amounts of caffeine that I have consumed today in an effort to substitute caffeine for sleep are beginning to wear off.

*wanders off in zombie mode, growling* BRAAAAAIIIIINS! BRAAAAAIIIINS!
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Here is my list of things done today:

1) Get up, get dressed, make coffee, eat apple cinnamon scone
2) Read first two chapters of Ancrene Riwle for paper due finals week
3) Work on calligraphy
4) Bake ready-made pizza for lunch
5) Read more Ancrene Riwle
6) Work on more calligraphy and other important scribal stuff
7) Talk to mother, wish mother Happy Birthday, learn from mother of new way to swallow pills more comfortably
8) Get mysterious e-mail from Baroness with a phone number to call regarding scribal stuff
9) Call number, learn that services are needed for a demo event happening after Egil's. Resolve to call fiends friends to let them know. Jump for joy and squee.
10) Go to casting class; do first casting! Regard torch with fear and awe. Gain one pendant in potentia. Be very pleased with how the pendant looks, even though I haven't done any refining work on it.
11) Return home (now); read more Ancrene Riwle.
12) (Future) Sleep the sleep of the just. The just will just have to do without, or else find my sleep and have it instead.

Must go now; my McDonald's hamburger is probably getting cold.

EDIT (post-very-salty-hamburger): I almost forgot to post the coolest misheard lyrics ever!
RADIO: I look! Around! A lousy candle was all I found!
ELF BRAIN: I look! Around! Electric camels is all I found!

Incidentally, "Electric Camels" would be an excellent name for a rock band.


Apr. 26th, 2006 10:58 am
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This morning, Cassandra informed me that, while my introduction to her story was good, it needs to have more kumquats in it. Apparently, that's what kept popping into her head during her nervous struggle with her self-determination on the evening of her fourteenth birthday. Kumquats. While "kumquat" is a lovely word that rolls off the tongue with an effortless ease, I don't quite understand why on earth it would be the one to enter her mind when she should have been most focused on magic. Strange child. Still, it does make for an interesting first sentence: "Kumquats."

It has been quite some time since I updated here, so I think that a Life Update is in order. I am now one year older. I have a horrific cold, and I cannot hear out of one ear (still!). This is the third day of half-hearing. My family came through with some fabulous presents: A silk jacket and the Katamari PSP game from Alex, a photo of my parents in garb and stories of "How We Met" from my parents (as I requested), and a lavender-filled cloth thingy that you can put in the microwave (homemade!) from my parents and my brother. Also, a hilarious T-shirt that says "Pirates ARRRGH People Too." And some Pirates M&Ms that made me laugh like crazy. I spent my birthday weekend out of town in a not-very-secret location (Washington) and went to Seattle for the first time. That was fun.

I am now the Official Baronial Scribe for Adiantum, my SCA Barony. This pleases me greatly. Of course, this also means that there is only one person in my SCA household who is not an officer or an officer's deputy. Hrm. Being Baronial Scribe means that I am forced to do art, which is very good for me. Despite close deadlines, I am very happy. I held my second Scribal Night last night, and people came and helped, and it was altogether splendid. Also, Kinko's is the devil, and they shall have no more of my scribal business. Their printouts on our nice paper are not at all nice, and their copiers are often dirty. I dislike them, and I shall go to my little local printer from now on.

I am also taking a metal casting class at school now, and that's fun. I need to work on my wax today so that I can "invest" it and get it ready to be burned out. Then I can pour metal in it and actually have a pendant! Yay!

And now, I must go and see about cleaning up and getting something to eat.


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