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I feel like saying "Booyah!" in a triumphant way. I think I will. BOO. YAH.

What is the reason for my joy? Well, most of my Christmas shopping is done as of today. This is pretty major. But the big news is that I gave Alex his big Christmas present today. One of the places that Mom, Josh, and I went today in our insanity was Costco. Josh needed to get Alex a present, and that was why we were going. We walked in the door, and I spotted a man sitting at a table. Behind the table was a full palette of PS3s. I squeed. I may have even exclaimed "It must be mine!" or something to that effect. The man at the table was very blase' in the face of my excitement and, with commendable calm, informed me that I needed to hand him my Costco card so that he could write down my name and number, and then he could give me a slip of paper that would entitle me to one PS3 at check-out. This transaction finished, I skipped over to where Josh picked up his present, and then we dashed to check-out. I couldn't stop smiling, despite the grouchy people and long lines that surrounded us. Finally, we made it to the pick-up window, and I held the mighty PS3 in my hands at long last. We placed it reverentially in the trunk of my mother's car (no sense tempting any would-be break-in artists) and finished our shopping. Then we went home, where I gleefully presented my treasure to Alex. He was stunned. Absolutely stunned. I am, understandably, quite pleased with myself.

And now, I think that I would like some dinner. ^_^ I also have to work on stuff for teaching kids to knit kittens tomorrow. Wheeeeeeee!
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7.5% of all PS3s shipped to the United States are on E-Bay now. That's about 30,000 out of 400,000. Lowest bid: $910.00. Price in the store (if you stood in line for about three days)? $500.00. And this is for a system that came out this morning.

I can't decide whether to laugh, cry, despise people for scalping PS3s and thus taking them away from innocent, heartbroken children and Alex, or do all three. Frowny faces to scalpers. :( :( :( *does all three at the same time and is impressed with her own multitasking abilities*

PS3s are for playing and enjoying! If you got one, good for you! I don't care if you did camp out in front of some store for days and days. If it is that important to you to have a PS3 now so that you can enjoy the shininess, more power to you! Enjoy the shiny buttons and the Blu-Ray player. While you're at it, let me know if the Blu-Ray is limited like they say it is. I didn't get one, but I didn't expect to get one because I am unwilling to camp in front of stores, and I can't skip any more class. Plus, I really should do homework. I don't need any more procrastination tools. Heh.

But back to the rant!

More frowny faces to those deranged teenagers (and older!) who are robbing people and beating them up with freaking CHAINS as they leave malls in order to steal their PS3s! :( :E :E :( I am not that desperate for a game system. Neither are they. More will ship; it is not the end of the world. Also...*clears throat*...It's a FREAKING GAME SYSTEM, PEOPLE! Not the Elixir of Life!

Forgive me for going all shouty like that. I'm just a leetle bit pissed off at how the first reaction from the human race appears to be "How can I get one of those for no money?! Oh, I know, I'll just steal it from someone else!" That would be the teenagers, not the scalpers. As far as I know, the scalpers went through the work of camping in front of stores and paying good money for one PS3 each. I am still irritated at the scalpers because I think they're being mean and making money off of other people's desperation for their own profit, but my burning fury is reserved for those people who are stealing them from parents who are trying to get their kids a cool Christmas present. Dammit.

My theory: The human race has gone absolutely bonkers and has been bombarded by Stupid Rays from Space. I hope we all recover.

My name is [livejournal.com profile] elfie_chan, and I approve this message. It is my opinion and, if you don't agree with it, it's still my opinion. You can have your own.


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