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I probably should be posting some of this in [livejournal.com profile] needle_ninja, but I am far too lazy for all of that tedious logging out and logging in nonsense. (I know there's a way to post in another journal without logging out and logging in again, but I'm too lazy to research that, either.) Besides that, some of these projects do not involve needles. Well, one of them.

First, I would like to inform my marvelous readers that I am feeling much, much better. I am no longer plague-ridden, and most of my energy has returned. Alex has also made a full recovery, though he was not as sick as I was. I took both of my midterms, and I definitely aced the second one. We shall see about the first when it is returned to me. I am considering writing my paper for that class on how piracy affected trade and technology in the Mediterranean in the 13th century. I need to see if I can find any good documentation/primary sources on that. If not, I shall write my paper on something else. School is good, in general, but I'm definitely looking forward to graduating at the end of this term.

Also, I really want to see The Prestige. It sounds nifty.

And now, projects. I shall address the non-needly project first. (But first, say "needly" aloud. Doesn't that sound neat? Needly, needly, needly!) I am designing a charter for the next Summits reign, and so is Alex. Charters are fun to design. We are making progress. There are definite castly elements. I adore 12th and 13th century illumination.

I finished my second Coronet hat today--I had it half-finished in a drawer, and I needed a hat to keep my ears warm. My first Coronet hat has gone AWOL, and that makes me very, very sad. Still, I have lots of the yarn from the first hat left over, and I can always make another one. But that hat had been many places with me, and I miss it. I hope I find it.

I have also designed a knitted coffee cup cozy for Alex. He doesn't know about it. I have to get some deep yellow/gold yarn and some deep cobalt blue yarn for it. I think it will make him laugh, to be honest. I can get those things without him knowing if I walk down to Soft Horizons on Wednesday. I may even have it done by the time he comes to pick me up after school.

I feel the need to knit fair isle socks. Reading Yarn Harlot hasn't helped my addictions, but it does make me realize that I am not quite as addicted as she is. But then, her job is to knit. I wish I was as addicted as she is and had the time to sit and make beautiful things all day.

I have also figured out that I am not addicted to knitting, any more than I am addicted to embroidery or sewing or any of the other string-related hobbies that I have collected. I am addicted to yarn. Yarn and blank books. I love the potential of both. But yarn is a tactile pleasure--I love to pick it up, to touch it, to marvel at the glowing colors, to imagine all of the wearable objects that I could make out of it. Yarn is so darned touchable. If it doesn't feel nice in the skein, I don't want to work with it. The touch part of knitting/working with yarn is most of the joy of it.

My cloak is almost finished. I just have to sew on one more panel of lining and sew the whole thing together. Yay!

Alex just handed me half a shot of homemade blackberry liqueur. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I want to get out in the woodshop and start putting things together. I want a loom for cardweaving! I can use my inkle loom (and I need to get that strung up here soon, when I have a spare moment), but I want an actual cardweaving loom. Maybe I can ask Alex for one for Christmas.

I think I need to go and work a bit more, and then perhaps bed. It's only 9:30 by the clock, but it's 10:30 in my brain. Goodnight!
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The events from our trip to England will be presented in no particular order, and with many parenthetical notes.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation )

Since we got home, I have been knitting like crazy. Two of my friends have had/are having babies this summer, and I'm knitting blankets. I finished a "clown puke" one for my friend/maid of honor Heidi just in time to send it with her mom so she could have it at the birth, and I'm about halfway done with a pretty lavender one for a friend who's giving birth mid-to-late August. I've also been knitting kittens. Having kittens, even unsewn and unstuffed, on hand is a good thing. I went to a birthday party for a three-year-old yesterday, and a kitten made a good emergency present. I'm thinking, however, that I need to work with the pattern a bit and maybe make some other kind of animal, too.

I have sewing to do. Fabric is purchased, but garb must be made. I found out that Baronial Scribes stand behind the thrones during Baronial Court, and that means I need some less casual garb. This is not a problem; it's just a great excuse for sewing. Being behind the thrones makes me a bit nervous, though. I've only done it once before, and that was at Egil's. However, I have been reassured that I behaved properly and didn't do anything horribly embarrassing. It was fun, though--it's neat to see the looks on people's faces when they get awards.

I have been good this trip--I'm in Washington at the moment. I painted charters this morning and knitted a bit this afternoon. I have also been working on Cassandra's Codex. I really do need to get that into a form that I can post. Tomorrow, I'm going for a walk around town.

I still have a lot to get done in the way of graduate school application. Must get on that as soon as we get home.

Time to go and be semi-social. The guys (Alex, Jason, and Jason's friend Aaron) went bike riding today, and they're semi-conscious. Hee.

I should also be updating more regularly from here on out.


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