Mar. 18th, 2008 09:56 am
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Thank you, everyone, for your good thoughts and cat-finding vibes! Alex found Loki around 11:30 pm last night in the garage, startled but unharmed, and very dusty. I have no idea where he might have been or how long he was in the garage or whether he got outside and came back in or what, but he's home and safe and pretending nothing happened.

Thank you again! *hugs to all*

Lost Cat

Mar. 17th, 2008 04:51 pm
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Good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated, if you have some to spare. My kitty is missing. I can't find him anywhere, and I'm worried that he might have gotten out. We've looked all over the house and all over outside, and there's no sign. His name is Loki, and that's him in my icon. If you happen to see him in the Willamette area (not that I expect he's gotten far), would you pick him up and bring him home?

I'm sure he'll come home/come out from wherever he's hiding when he gets hungry, but that doesn't keep me from worrying right now. Thanks for your thoughts.
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I have this stuffed black sheep that is about the size of my cat. The sheep sits comfortably on a cushion on the still-folded-out couch-bed (yes, it's been a bed instead of a couch ever since Midwinter's, and it now doubles as a storage space for yet more stuff that really needs to be put away). Just a few seconds ago, Loki walked up to the sheep and sniffed it, then looked at me as if to say, "What is this thing doing on my cushion?!" Now, Loki seeks a more suitable place to rest his regal self, preferably on something black in a sunbeam. At the moment, he appears to be considering my suede coat.

I am almost finished entering the Egil's preregistrations into my ingenious spreadsheet. Very few people did things that caused me to question them, and I shall be calling those people and getting some answers. Homework proceeds apace, despite the fact that I hate doing homework. My practicum is actually all kinds of fun--I am a little nervous about what will happen when I actually get to teach the sixth-graders for two weeks. I am about 85% certain that I will not be eaten alive, but I'm going to practice my lion-taming skills, just in case.

I am still working on getting photos done for the Kitten Assembly Instructions, as well as Slug Instructions. The Kitten Assembly Instructions will be posted as soon as I, my camera, and an unassembled kitten are in the same place at the same time. Slug Instructions may take a bit longer.

I have not yet reported on the March Adiantum Arts and Sciences Saturday. It was a blast. I brought my spinning wheel and played with it. I cannot really say that I spun anything, but I practiced. I also taught [ profile] corvideye how to do a basic fingerloop braid, and she taught herself how to do a flat braid. That was all kinds of fun. [ profile] corvideye also brought many, many fibers for us to look at and touch. Yak is neat. I worked on my purple socks, which are finally done. I will post pictures soon and use them to illustrate the Importance of Gauge. Clean socks should not be able to stand up by themselves. [ profile] hl_mauera also finished her first sock. Having done that, she immediately cast on the second one. No Second Sock Syndrome Sufferer, She. (Say that three times fast.) I also brought lots of scribal stuff, and many people painted (including [ profile] fearga, who says that charter painting is very relaxing). Also, as a direct result of the A&S Saturday, I had a new person at our last Scribal Night. I keep getting her name wrong, but she forgives me.

The next A&S day is April 15, the day after my Brother's Wedding. (Yes, that deserves the Capital Letters of Foreboding.) Alex and I have tickets for the ballet that day, but we plan to go to the A&S day in the morning before the ballet and in the afternoon afterwards. It is so nice to get together with lots of people and work on projects.

Speaking of projects, I've got lots of them to finish by Egil's. Many of these are scribal projects. I love art, and I would much rather do that than schoolwork. *sigh*

Tomorrow is Easter. [ profile] alysaundre and I will be going over to my parents' house for dinner. I will be getting my mom on LJ, so I'll keep you all posted on her username so you can all stalk befriend her. My brother is also on LJ, but I can't remember his username. I'll let you all know when I find out.

What else can I tell you? I'm busy, as usual, but things seem calmer today because I have no homework on Monday (though I do have class) and I have no Tech class (though I really should go and work on my Tech projects). Plus, I have a wonderful husband who just generally makes me grateful to be me every single day.

And now, it is time for me to go and finish up entering those preregistrations.
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Last night, I went over to [ profile] arianadream's house. From her, I received a catnip toy for my cat, Loki. [ profile] arianadream was uncertain as to whether the catnip would still be active. I placed the toy in my knitting bag, made a mental note to give it to Loki, and promptly forgot about it.

This evening, I opened my knitting bag in order to get a pen. I still had not remembered the catnip toy. Loki, however, wandered over and started sticking his head into the bag. I could not figure out what he wanted. He has never been that interested in my knitting. After a few minutes, however, I realized that he was licking something. I was rather concerned about my knitting, so I reached out to deter him. As I reached, however, Loki emerged with the catnip toy in his mouth. I tried to take it away from him, and he scratched me. Loki never scratches me. He stole the toy away, ran to another part of the room, and started licking the toy again. He was punished (by having the toy taken away again), but the situation was too funny for me to keep the toy away for long. Alex tossed the toy to Loki, and Loki proceeded to play with it, bat it around, and then lie on it. He curled up and laid his little chin on it for a while and stared at us. Now, however, he is obsessed with my knitting bag. Apparently, the entire interior smells like catnip. I think he was searching for another toy earlier.

Cats on drugs are highly entertaining.


Sep. 17th, 2005 10:57 pm
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My head hurts. Whine, whimper, whine.

Alex is playing Midevil on his PSPuny. It is hilarious. I would want to play it, but my head hurts. Did I mention that I had a headache? Owie. Ow, ow, owie. I still sit here and snicker at the funniness. Snicker, snicker, owch.

In other news, I now have one single-spaced page of Secret of the Single Sock typed. I need to do a little skipping about, I think, in order to get some of the scenes hammered out. I also need to figure out if my main character's great-great-aunt might have been a young woman during WWI. I think that would work out, but I need to get all of my history straightened out and the timeline set out in my head before I can be sure. Flashbacks are fun! Yay!

I am tempted to post the first paragraph of the story here, but it is short. Quite short.

Has anyone else noticed the trend in books of placing "a novel" after the title of novels? I mean, it's as if we, the readers, would never figure out that we were reading a novel without the authors telling us that we are. I have half a mind to title my first book "Insert Title Here: A Book." That'll get it on the best-seller list for sure.

I have almost finished Half-Blood Prince. If my head stops hurting, I may be able to finish the book tonight. If not, I shall lull myself to sleep with Mary Queen of Scots and see about finishing Half-Blood Prince tomorrow. I have my suspicions about who the Half-Blood Prince might be, but no spoilers until I finish the book. *shakes finger warningly at the world at large*

My entries lately have been short and, it seems, without much purpose other than to splatter my babblings across the internet. But, honestly, isn't that what LJ is for?

[ profile] brightshadowsky, can we talk soon about formatting my LJ? I have some nifty ideas, but I'm not sure how to implement them without getting a paid account. If anyone else would like to chime in with tips and tricks for LJ programming, that would be charming. I've been to [ profile] everything_lj, and I shall continue to peruse that, but if anybody knows some quick-and-dirty tricks for customization, I welcome those, as well.

Loki is mewing sadly. I feel sorry for him, as he is no longer allowed in the bedroom (we can't have one cat in there and not the other, as both litter boxes reside outside of the bedroom). When Mia goes, then Loki will regain his rightful territory, but until then, he must share in Mia's exile. Poor thing. Life is so unfair sometimes. And now Mia has taken over his chair. No wonder he's mewing. His throne has been usurped.

And that's pretty much it for the moment. Except for the fact that Alex made smoothies. We had some strawberries that needed to be used up, and he combined the strawberries in a blender with ice, a little leftover white wine (Gavi), and a little honey. Delicious. I'm going to sleep very well tonight.

A review of Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy will have to wait until morning. Night-night, all.
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Today, Loki caught his first mouse. We're not sure when he killed it, but it had to have been between midnight last night and around eight o'clock this morning. Here's how it happened:

Last night, Alex found a mouse hiding in our bedroom behind the gas stove. He enlisted my help in re-finding and capturing the furry invader. I caught a glimpse of a tiny, brown bolt of lightning, but then it vanished. After repeatedly hauling a very-confused Loki into the room to perform his natural mousing function, we gave up and went to bed. Loki remained confused, as he saw no prey and had no idea what we were gibbering about. He did, however, find a box and sit in it.

This morning, I noticed that Loki was spending a lot of time "guarding" the library door. I petted him and, other than his unusual location, he didn't seem upset or ill in any way, so I left him alone. I settled in the living room to check my e-mail, only to hear Alex shout, "Good Loki!"

"What happened?" I demanded.

"I found the mouse!" Alex called back. "Loki killed it." I never saw the mouse again. Alex kindly disposed of it, informing me that Loki had nibbled it, but not eviscerated it. This pleases me. It's nice to have a tidy cat. I bless Loki for keeping his catch in the library and not proudly displaying it on my pillow this morning.

Loki also displayed his cute-cat-in-boxes talent today to the utmost. First, he sat in a box. He fit very well in this box. Alex looked upon the box and laughed, and I didn't understand why. Alex explained by lifting a much smaller box out of the original box. Loki had crammed himself into a small box that happened to be inside the larger one, and he looked irritated that Alex was lifting him up in the air. He likes tiny boxes. I think he's fond of the fur compression factor.

Further cuteness in boxes was displayed when Loki found a box that was actually too small for him to fit into. He put all four of his paws in, sat down, flopped over, and then wound up tumbling out of the box entirely as the box tipped over. He looked offended, tried again, and repeated his maneuver. When we giggled, he put his paws in again, looked at us in triumph, and then wandered off to wash.
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My cat has the bad habit of playing with the fringe on the edge of one of our rugs. We manage to discourage him from doing this (most of the time), but now I understand what he was truly trying to do.

He was trying to get under the rug.

Loki has managed to flip up the edge of the rug and get underneath. Now, we have no Loki. We have this lump in the rug with a fluffy grey tail sticking out of it. Green eyes stare at me from the tiny dark opening opposite the fluffy grey tail. He must be plotting something.


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