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Dear [livejournal.com profile] mistful:

First of all, you are incredibly amusing. However, you have made me crave stroopwaffels. Today, I was unable to help myself at Trader Joe's. I actually walked up to a TJ's employee and asked her where to find the "Caramel Bites" (mini-stroopwaffels) while my husband was in the restroom, and then I actually told him that they jumped into the cart. He was not fooled for an instant, but I am still having stroopwaffels with my tea. They are not at all good for me, but I think they may be helping my headache.


Dear Applebee's:

You suck. You continually taunt me by putting good things on the menu and then taking them away. For example, last year, you had this fantastic pesto-shrimp bowl thing that tasted wonderful. It was on the menu for a few months, and then it was gone, never to be seen again. I think that you have changed the menu again in the past week. You took away the rosemary and olive oil fries. I may never forgive you. Also, I was unable to get my tomato and basil soup with dinner, and I have always been able to get that at dinner before. Both Alex and I are very unhappy. When I went to your website to complain, you required me to put in my home phone number. I am not giving you my home phone number. I will call your toll-free number instead and let you know exactly what I think. I will be polite, but I will be firm. Your food is getting blander and blander, and you also removed the blue cheese topper from your steak menu. Our server this evening was not even aware that you had done that. Stop confusing your servers and me by changing your freaking menu for the worse every month or so. You're turning into just another Chili's or Red Robin. You are no longer my default diner.

No Love,

Dear LJ:
Your administration has caused a lot of drama lately by being a bit hole-and-corner about their business decisions. Please tell them to at least be up front. Also, please tell them to keep the things that make LJ special and different from all the other journaling services out there (i.e. basic, ad-free accounts). Remind me to ask what will happen to my account if my paid service runs out. Many of us are wondering if we'll be shifted back to the old basic account, or if we'll be put on a "plus" account. I don't want ads; I came to LJ to avoid ads. This is making me sad--not necessarily the removal of the basic accounts, but the business-speak we keep getting. I feel like your administration doesn't care about LJ's users. I hope I'm wrong.

Much Love,

Dear Me:

Go drink your tea and eat your stroopwaffels. Your cat is demanding lap time.



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