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I'm finally home from Coronet. I am exhausted. This was definitely a working event for both me and Alex. I'm sitting here trying to remember everything that happened, with a happily-purring cat on my lap and a new, shiny medallion around my neck, and everything is sort of out of order in my head. I think my nose is sunburned, and I haven't had any lunch. Nonetheless, I'm feeling pretty good. I need to go and have a shower in a few minutes, but I wanted to hit the highlights here before I go do that.
Coronet was fun, even though I spent most of the event at Gate. We ran out of tokens, so Alex cast more on site. That was severely nifty. We kept joking about how these tokens were "fresher" than the other tokens, being right out of the kitchen and all. On Friday, many many people came through Gate. I was at Gate from about 12:00 noon until about midnight, with some breaks for food and things like that. Some nice people came and chatted with me toward the wee hours, and that was nice. I spent most of my time at Gate working on kittens when I wasn't checking people in. Kittens went into the autocrats' baskets that they gave to the royals, and Alys helped me finish the last one (the one that went to His Majesty) on Saturday.
Saturday was crazy-busy with people coming both for Saturday and Sunday and just to daytrip. I got a little frazzled, and then my dad showed up and took over Gate for me (which I really appreciated). Mom and I got to walk and chat for a little while. [livejournal.com profile] arianadream was also there with her brother, so I got to chat with them for a short time. Then, before I got to see any of the tourney, I was called away to do my other job--scribal. Not a problem; Sharon the Merchant's Wife and Alainne du Lacey and Ketterlin had all brought charters for me, and I had a few already. Alex and I got the names on them, and then Alex wound up back at Gate while I finished up Court stuff and got the kittens finished and turned in.
Finally, Alex managed to close Gate. It seemed that, every time he was ready to close Gate, someone else would arrive. Alex and I went to check in with Their Highnesses, got in the procession, and walked into Court. (Somewhere in there, I managed to get fully dressed and brush my hair. I hadn't had time that morning, and, when I asked Alex if my hair looked too bad, he told me that "It looks very period." *chortles*) The Prince and Princess handed out a few awards. Many gifty baskets were exchanged. I was highly amused by the reaction to the autocrat gifties, as murmurs of "Look, kitties!" went up among the enthroned. The King held Court. Imagine my shock when the first name called to kneel before the King was my own.
[livejournal.com profile] vesta_aurelia, who is a very naughty person and makes me giggle in Court, whispered that I was in "soooo much trouble." Even though I do realize that the SCA is "just a game," it is still a bit scary to be called before the King. I think it's a good thing that they have you kneel before royalty--it hides knocking knees. Several people told me later (with much amusement) that my poleaxed expression was highly entertaining. I received my Jambe de Lion, and can now put "HL" for "Her Ladyship" in front of my name. I'm not sure how I got back to my place (Ambrose helped), but I spent the rest of Court there in a state of stunned amazement. His Majesty handed out more awards, Their Highnesses also handed out more awards, and William Geoffrey the Rogue and his lady, Stephanie, stepped up as the next Tanist and Tanista of the Summits. Thomas, who has more of a name than that though I can't remember it, received the Shield of Chivalry.
Toward (and hastening) the end of Court, it began to rain. And rain. Court closed rather quickly, as most of the populace was not under shelter, and all fled for their camps. [livejournal.com profile] morrghan92 camped with us, and Alex and I had a wonderful conversation with her. The weather continued to sprinkle on and off, but it showed some signs of clearing. We also wandered by the Summits camp and chatted with the people there briefly (Her Excellency welcomed me to "the flotilla"), but both Alex and I were utterly exhausted from being up extremely late the night before and getting up extremely early that morning. I slept like a rock.
Today, we went to Summits Moot (which I think is fun, though that may indicate that I am a sick, sick person). It only sprinkled a little bit, and then it got sunny. I got a little bit of knitting done for me, and that was soooo nice. I love the yarn--Knitpicks Telemark, 100% wool, comes in lots of good colors at only $1.99 a skein. Admittedly, the knitting I did is on an experimental pouch for my class I hope to teach at Egil's, but it was still fun knitting and not kittens. I have nothing against kittens, but I knitted four of them in the past week and sewed up five. It's time for something else.
After Moot, we cleaned up the site, took down and packed the Baronial pavilions and stuff, and chatted with people. More scribal stuff will be occurring! I also hate grad school with a passion right now, as it is getting in the way of lots of things I want to do. My weekends for April are pretty much booked with school stuff and my brother's wedding (which I still have to send my bridesmaid's dress back for, as it is too small for me), which means no eventing for me in April. That sucks. Can't I just get a grant for SCA research and go to events for a living? Ah, well. We'll see what happens after grad school. In the meantime, I'm just going to do as much as I can. Spring Break may wind up being mostly "OMG-let's-get-stuff-done-for-SCA-because-I-will-have-no-time-later" kind of thing. And I'm okay with that.
Babbling about SCA philosophy will come later. Time to go and shower and get something to eat. Or at least get these muddy boots off.
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Well, this is going to be my last day of no school this week, I hope. We've been pretty much snowed in for the past two days and, while that's nice for a while, I'm very uncomfortable with the amount of school I'm missing. Especially since I'll need to do make-up work. And there's an event this weekend that we need to paint charters for. (Not too many, and most of them are already painted, but still.) The weatherman says that things are supposed to warm up and thaw later this week. As long as they don't freeze again, I'm happy. Alex and I may be going down to the valley tonight with overnight bags if things don't shape up--I need to be in school tomorrow.

I was highly amused--and mildly overwhelmed--by the response that The Slug received on the different communities where I posted him. The pattern is, thus far, still incredibly messy scratchings in my notebook. It will probably not even be typed up for at least three weeks--I just don't have time with everything else I'm trying to get done. It also feels a bit odd to me--I knit it up mostly as a joke with the idea of knitting more later, and now it seems like lots of people want one. Who knew that slugs would be so attractive? I will admit, it is a snuggly slug. (Say that three times fast.)

It snowed like mad and pelted us with freezing rain up here yesterday, and then it started to melt. Today, my world is a sheet of ice. Yesterday, we tried to get me to school, but the truck slipped off the driveway (in four-wheel drive, no less!). We walked back to the house (not a long walk; we didn't get far), and Alex went out later and got the truck back into the driveway. We're safe and warm, but we're not going anywhere this morning.

I need to do some homework, I'm sure. I have two papers due at the end of this month. They shouldn't be too bad, but I really should get to work on them. I also need to ponder Midwinter's garb. I'm thinking tunics. Nice, cozy warm, wool, full-length tunics. I have a feeling it's going to be chilly, but you couldn't drag me away from Midwinter's this year with wild horses. Or wildebeests. Or anything. Slugs, even.

Time for coffee.


Dec. 2nd, 2006 08:07 am
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So, I got my letter from Pacific yesterday...

I'M IN! I just have to send in a medical form so they know I have all of my shots (can't have your grad students running around rabid, after all), and then I get to go to grad school! Huzzah!

But first, I have to run around like a crazy person this morning, make sure my lines are memorized for my final today, and then relax a bit before studying for my final on Monday and stuff. I just wanted to make sure I registered the fact that I'm going to be a grad student!
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Okay. So my morning class professor gave us all a lecture today on how she has received e-mails complaining about people with laptops surfing the 'net in class instead of taking notes, and how this is distracting. She even threatened to go around the classroom and check on us to make sure that we were taking notes.

I was rather irritated by this for several reasons. I use a laptop in class. I occasionally access the internet during class, but I still take extensive notes. We're talking, on average, 3-4 single-spaced, typed pages. My accessing the internet during class is perhaps not completely kosher, but I am still paying attention to the class that I paid good money to take. I don't mind not accessing the 'net in class if the teacher feels that strongly about it, but I do have some minor irritations about this whole scenario:

1. If a person in class has a problem with me or what I am doing or finds my computer distracting, he or she should approach me first. Not e-mail the teacher complaining about me. E-mailing the teacher smacks of elementary school tactics and not believing that either of us is adult enough to handle the problem in a reasonable manner. I am neither large nor intimidating, and it's not that hard to ask if you can talk to me after class.

2. What on earth are you doing staring at my computer screen, anyway?! It's not like it ever has flashing lights on it or anything that might draw your attention to it. I usually just have Word up, and I occasionally have www.dictionary.com up so that I can look up a word. (I also sometimes check my e-mail or LJ, but still! That's very occasional.) If you're copying my notes, I am irritated with you. Take your own damned notes. Also, if you find my screen that irresistable, reference #1. I can always go and sit in the back of the classroom so that my shiny screen will be less of a distraction for you.

3. We're all grownups. The professor does not need to be constantly monitoring what we're doing.

These are minor, but the situation is just really annoying. Also, I might not have been complained about--several people use laptops in this class, and I know that some of them use the 'net during class. The thing that annoys me the most is that nobody talked to me if they had a problem.

I think I'm going to sit in the back of the class from now on so that people won't be tempted to look at my screen.

In other news, I have a driving lesson today. I really need to drive more. It doesn't help that there are lots of areas around here that Alex isn't comfortable with me driving in, so he won't practice with me in those areas. That's a bit frustrating. It's also frustrating that I have to talk myself down from panic every time I'm planning to drive. *sigh* It's an uphill battle.

I am almost done with Paper #1, which is due on Wednesday. I just have to do a conclusion and a final edit to make sure that everything is formatted correctly and that I have included all of the information I want to include. Then I get to start on Paper #2, which should actually be easier. Yay!

Tomorrow is my interview for grad school. When we went out to dinner with my parents and brother last night (to see them before Mom and Dad leave for California to see Grandma), Mom asked me if I had been rehearsing for the questions they might ask me. I told her I hadn't; I feel pretty confident that just being myself will decide the question. If they don't like me, then I shouldn't be there. Mom started asking me some questions that she thought the interviewers might ask, including, "What gives you the moxie (yes, she said 'moxie') to think that you can handle teaching high school?" I answered, "Because I helped teach in a 9th-grade classroom and survived. And I want to do it again." She laughed. I'm actually really looking forward to the interview. I think it's going to be fun. I just have to remember to dress nicely tomorrow--no jeans. Luckily, my wool skirt and white button-down shirt are both clean. I just have to do a bit of ironing.

I still have many, many projects going. I hope I can get them all done in time.

I should probably finish my coffee and head out to my driving lesson pretty soon here. I hope that goes well.
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Today is my first day of school in the last term before I get my double Bachelor's in English and Medieval Studies. Whew! I have a four-hour break between my classes--long enough to get lots done, but not long enough to go home. But that's fine! I have enough time to finally update about Summits Coronet Tourney! Yaaay!

Coronet Report )

Life continues well. We had our first Scribal Class last Tuesday, and seven students showed up! I was incredibly happy! People seemed to have fun, despite my lack of preparation. I hope this trend continues. (That is, I hope that the student trend continues; I hope to be considerably more prepared next time.) Everyone was very nice and understanding, which is good, as I missed my driving lesson that day (it was at 9:00 am, and I could have sworn it was at 12:30 pm). I also had an informational meeting for grad school that went late. It was a very educational informational meeting, and I'm very glad I went, but we had to rush home in order to meet people arriving for Scribal Class.

Wednesday, I learned that I can lift a box of bamboo flooring and carry it upstairs! This only works three times before I am ready to fall over, but it's strength progress! Yay! Wednesday night was the Baroness Social, but we didn't stay for very long--it was wet and cold, and I started school today, and I was not going to catch a cold right before school started. Not happening. Her Excellency was very understanding. We did wind up staying for longer than we intended (we intended to just drop in and say hello) because we were chatting with people. I like the people in our Barony. We then went home, and Alex and Joe had an Autocrat meeting while I tried not to fall asleep.

*checks list* Okay, that takes care of Wednesday...Thursday, I picked up a book for the Praxis I and studied and took my practice test in math. I only got a 75% (see previous LJ entry). This displeased me. Alex sat down with me and we went over the problems that I missed, so I understand them better now, but I still need to study more. I still feel like I have a ton of stuff to do in order to apply for grad school, though I have my Praxis I scheduled now and two out of three of my letters of recommendation settled. I'm still trying to get ahold of one of my former employers (tutoring) to get her to do the third one.

Friday, I made it to my driving lesson, and I did okay. Afterward, I drove out to Target from our house, and I didn't freak Alex out! Yaaay! I freaked me out, but I'm always hyper-alert when I drive. Driving is scary. I feel shaky when I finish, but I'm getting better!

I've been keeping busy! Tonight, I get to clean, plus there's Council. Wednesday, I get to go to stay with my parents for a few days while Alex goes up to Washington. I need to figure out the bus schedule so I can get to class on time on Friday.

I'm over halfway done with my application essay for grad school. I'm doing okay. Breathe.

And now, I should get me some lunch. More updates later.
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Assignment I
Report On:
a) Summits Coronet Tourney
b) Crazy Tuesday (missed driving lesson, Grad School Information Meeting, Scribal Night)
c) Crazy Wednesday (Flooring, Baroness Social)
d) Today (Studying, Papers, Grad School)

Due: Today, though an extension might be made until tomorrow. Extra credit will be given for accurately depicting your own insanity.

Assignment II
Study for Praxis I test and take timed Math Practice Test.

Due: Today. Extra credit may be given for actually getting off your butt and doing this.

You scored a 75% on this test. This is unacceptable. Study math!

Assignment III
Write a rough draft of your two-page essay, to be turned in with your application.

Due: Today.

Assignment IV
Get things organized and packed in backpack. School starts next week!

Due: Monday.

Assignment V
Work on Cassandra's Codex. That won't write itself, you know!

Due: When other, less fun work is done.


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