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This has been my morning thus far:

(Scene: Elfie is in bed with the covers over her head, dozing on and off and trying very hard not to think about the things she needs to do today. The time is about 7:30 am.)
PHONE: Answer me! Answer me!
ELFIE: Mrrrgh. Stupid phone. Begone.
ALEX: Stupid phone! *answers it* Hello? Hello? *bad word of some kind*
PHONE: *is mockingly silent*

(An hour later.)
PHONE: Answer me! Answer me!
ALEX: *answers phone again* Hello? Hello? Oh, hi! *has actual conversation*
ELFIE: Might as well get up. *gets up, stumbles to bathroom, dons terry robe, goes to living room*

(Scene: Living room. Elfie curls up on the couch and stares blearily at the television, not really seeing it but wondering why people appear to be shooting one another repeatedly.)
ELFIE'S BRAIN: Does Not Compute. Please insert Coffee and Reboot.
ELFIE: Can't move.
ALEX: *appears suddenly* EAT THIS COOKIE!
ELFIE: *blinks, but obeys* 'nk you.
ESPRESSO MACHINE: *makes noises*
ALEX: *reappears suddenly with cup of espresso* DRINK COFFEE!
ELFIE: *takes coffee gratefully* Thank you. *adores husband*
ELFIE'S BRAIN: Whirr...whirr...beep! Booting EOS**.

And now I must go and do more work. Please to be thinking happy thoughts in this direction--it would be really nice if the rain stopped before Egil's.

**EOS = Elfie Operating System
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One of my ears is completely clogged, to the point where I can't hear out of it. It makes me feel weird and lopsided. Ah, well. With luck, a nice shower will help. Steam is good. Espresso is also good. Alex made the espresso this morning, which is unusual. Normally, that's my job. Not that it matters, as espresso only takes two buttons. It was still appreciated.

I must buy summery clothes today. I don't have enough tank tops.

For those who care about such things and aren't reading [livejournal.com profile] needle_ninja, I finished knitting my first pair of socks yesterday. This makes me very, very happy. They are not fuzzy on the inside like the socks I usually wear. I expect they will take some getting used to, but they are my socks, and I made them myself. Yay.

Alex and I have been listening to this great book called The Egyptologist. It's sort of a mystery, sort of a historical novel, sort of a gee-this-guy-is-a-complete-ponce-and-she's-a-bit-odd-isn't-she kind of book. I recommend it to everyone, especially if you get the Recorded Books version. The book is unabridged, but it's in the form of letters and journals, so they got different people to read for the different characters. The voices are wonderful.

I should do book reviews. I wonder if I could make a living at that? The only problem with such things is that, if I was working for a publication, they would have assigned books for me to read, and I wouldn't get to choose my own material. Hrm. And what if all the books they gave me were badly-written crap? That would be Hell. Perhaps I should just stick to inflicting my opinions on the world at large through the internet. That might be safer. Besides, I don't think I'm funny enough to review books. I'm only mildly funny, and only in that off-the-cuff, can't-remember-what-I-said-that-was-so-hilarious-two-minutes-later kind of funny. (This becomes rather embarrassing when hysterically-giggling friends gasp, "Say that again, say that again! That was so funny!" and I can't remember a thing I just said that has caused my friends to suddenly develop breathing difficulties.) I did, however, crack Jason and Alex up over the weekend. Here's the story.

Alex and Jason were discussing the GPS guidance system that Jason has in his Jeep. The guidance system speaks about five different languages, tells you where to turn and when to start looking for your street, can hold maps of a zillion different areas, keeps track of your destination and replots your route if you take a wrong turn, and is generally spiffy for directionally-impaired people like me. One of the languages that it speaks is "British English," and Jason was talking about how disappointing the accent is on that particular setting. The British accent is barely detectable and very refined. Jason said that he was really hoping for a Drunk Rugby Player setting with an almost unintelligible accent, saying things like, "Roight! Turn left at the next loight, or I'll stove yer head in, ya bloody pansy!" I explained to him that such settings would be counterproductive, as said Drunk Rugby Player would probably ignore your destination commands and invariably guide you to the nearest bar. Apparently, this was hilarious. Jason even mentioned later in the weekend how much he loved that idea. Look out, world! Hacked Drunk Rugby Player settings may soon be available for your GPS systems! I wouldn't put it past Jason, to be honest. He and Alex both love tinkering with things.

I was also introduced to the shiny, shiny world of Linux this weekend. I must learn how to use it. It's so...simple, so customizable, and so much sleeker than Windows. I think I may be a convert. Plus, I can use GIMP for free instead of paying $400 for Adobe Photoshop. And GIMP appears to have more features. It's a shiny new world out there, and I'm going to reach out and grab it as soon as I can get Alex to install Linux on my computer's second hard drive. The wonderful thing is that I already use Firefox, so I won't have any web browser adjustment issues, and I'm going to download the Mozilla e-mail client, so, once I get everything set up, I'll be good to go. I can't wait!

Yes, Jason runs Linux on everything. And I mean everything. This includes his PDA and his Playstation. Yes, you read that correctly. Jason runs Linux on his Playstation. This amuses me beyond all reason.

I also got to chat with Katy, Jason's housemate, a good deal this weekend. It was nice to have another female around. Alex and Jason talk about cars, bikes, and computers, and a good deal of it goes right over my head. This is fine, but it was great having Katy to talk to about other things. Katy sent me an e-mail after I got home thanking me for coming over and asking me to let her know when we'd be up next. It's nice to be liked.

Today, who knows what I'm going to do? I think we might be going to see Madagascar, but we'll see. I need to go and cleanse myself in the shower, and then I'll be a bit more ready to face the day. At least it's sunny out.

One last note before I scoot: I was very, very glad to hear that there was no tsunami yesterday. Alex and I are safe (we're on the other side of the mountains from the coast), but I have dear friends (like [livejournal.com profile] brightshadowsky who live on the coast. I am glad to know that none of you were swept away into the sea. Still, 7.5 is a pretty big earthquake, no?

All right, I'm off. Take care everybody; I may update later.


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