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Hear now The Saga of Risotto.

Lo! Elfie, the Small and Loquacious, was feeling rather low and gloomy and cynical about the entire holiday season and the fact that her dwelling was, once again, a disaster area. Her cat would not comfort her, no, and her husband had to work. Gifts needed wrapping, friends needed calling, and life needed attending. But Elfie's mood was depressed, and she did not wish to do any of these things.

Then Alex, the Strong and Inspired, rose from his couch and declared his battle with other programmers over, at least for the moment. And Lo! He looked into the icebox, and he saw that there was pancetta. And it was good, though it would soon be bad. "Alas!" cried Alex. "We must use this pancetta, while it is still good! I shall make Risotto, for Risotto is the essence of holiday goodness, and it will please all who taste its awesome tastiness!"

And Alex did make the Risotto. He took unto himself the pancetta, which he sliced with mighty slicings of his vorpal hollowed Wustof, that the pancetta might not stick to the blade. Then he took unto himself the shallots, which he also sliced with mighty slicings, and quick slicings, that his eyes might not be flooded with the shallots' powerful fumes. And Elfie assisted him by measuring out the arborio rice and grating the parmesan cheese. Alex placed the pancetta and shallots in the Pot of Cooking, and he did cook them until they were tender. Then he added the carefully-measured arborio rice and some white wine and some chicken broth, and he did stir them into creamy deliciousness. He stirred and he stirred. Great were his stirrings, and mouth-watering was the aroma that did emanate from the Pot of Cooking. And Elfie did hunger, and her stomach did rumble in a noisy and hungerous way.

In the fullness of time, Alex did taste the Risotto, and he pronounced it Good. And he stirred his final stirrings, laboriously adding just the right amount of parmesan cheese. And Alex and Elfie did take unto their bosoms bowls, and they did fill the bowls with the Risotto, and they ate of it. And it was Good.

And Elfie's mood was considerably improved, and she thought that she might be able to face the holidays after all. And Loki did lie upon the floor with his paws sticking ridiculously into the air, and he did stare at his humans in a cute and yet disdainful way. He received no Risotto for his pains, but Elfie, happy in her newly-fed state, did fuzz his exposed belly.

Thus ends The Saga of the Risotto.
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I hate the weekend before finals. Stress, papers, and studying when I'd rather play video games.

It's been snowing/raining on and off over the past couple of days, and it was coming down pretty heavily yesterday. It snowed last night, and there was actually still some left on the ground when I got up this morning. While I love snow, I really hope that it doesn't snow here on Christmas Eve. I'm all for a white Christmas, but we're hosting Christmas Eve here (I believe), and I would rather people not have to stress about driving in snow. I also hope that it doesn't snow this weekend--we have to get to finals next week!

Speaking of finals, here's my To Do List:

To Do:
1. Write paper in imitation of the writing style of Daniel Defoe, due Monday at 12:00 noon.
2. Study for difficult 8:00 am Monday Medieval Manuscripts final.
3. Study for slightly-less-difficult 10:15 am Monday History of Christianity Final.

These are the things I must do this weekend. I may also go to a review session on Sunday, if my paper is done by then. (It must be! I have to study sometime.)

I was a bad girl last night and played video games instead of working on my paper. On the upside: I finally defeated Hades in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories! Huzzah! Now, of course, I am being a good girl (aside from procrastination) and not playing video games. As soon as I'm done updating here, I shall go and make brunch and work on my paper. That must be done today. Luckily, it's a short paper--only six to eight pages, and two of those are going to be a creative short story in the style of Daniel Defoe's "A True Relation of the Apparition of One Mrs. Veal." The rest gets to be analysis of how my work is a close imitation of said piece, including terms that we studied during the term. I wish that my teacher would allow us to turn this paper in at the Wednesday final instead of by noon on Monday--that would let me work on the paper on Tuesday while I'm studying for the final for that class, rather than working on it and jeopardizing my study time. (Of course, I'm not actually using that study time at the moment, but that's beside the point!)

I would also like to mention that this is the season during which I have a very difficult time sticking to my diet. Last night, Alex and I made Wedding Chicken, which is based on the chicken we had at our wedding (wow!) and involves a cream sauce. Soooo yummy. We had no leftovers. We also watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, which was severely cute and just what we needed.

Eventually, I shall write another entry reflecting on reading my past LJ, but not now. Now, it's time for eggs. More detailed updates will follow.
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I am tired. Last night, I had a lovely time at an auction (my first) to benefit the Eugene Opera. I looked absolutely smashing, if I do say so myself (though I did learn, while preparing for the auction, that one should not ask, "How do I look? Gorgeous?" of one's husband before he has put his glasses on, unless one wishes to receive the answer, "Fuzzy."). Auctions are lots of fun, especially when they come after a gourmet dinner, complete with wine and very rich chocolate desserts. The auctioneer was hilarious, the bidding was brisk, and Alex and I came out of it with six varied bottles of quite nice wine. For a conversation partner, I had a lovely lady named Evelyn (I love that name) who was also an English major in college. We talked of Spain, punctuation, and the frustrations of grammar rules that won't hold still for ten seconds. I also told her the panda joke, which she had never heard. She had, however, read Eats Shoots and Leaves, so we talked about that.

I always feel a bit odd at these functions, as I often feel that I'm a bit out of my league. The auction was easier to enjoy than the Gala, as it was a bit less formal. (Let me emphasize that I thoroughly enjoyed the Gala. The auction was a different kind of fun. For one thing, I was wearing corduroy pants at the auction, and my heels were considerably less spiky than they were at the Gala.) I am not a society lady; I feel much more at home in blue jeans sipping a Dr. Pepper than at some fancy event in a formal gown. Still, having had a taste of "the high life," as it were, I have to admit that I enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I definitely wouldn't want to do it every day, but I definitely enjoy "hobnobbing," but only with people I know. Heh.

So, after an extremely filling evening, Alex and I returned home. We slept, and then we got up far too early (in this case, around 9:30 am--don't laugh at me!) to go walking with my mom-in-law in the park. It was actually a pretty day, despite the threat of cold rain in the morning. (The cold rain was what made me so reluctant to exit bed.) After our walk, which took about two hours or so, we went for lunch. I haven't walked that long--at a good pace--for a good while, so I was pretty tired when we finished the walk, and lunch about finished me off. Full, comfortable, and sleepy, we wandered home. Since then, the day has been pretty peaceful. Loki and Mia are behaving, for the most part, and they appear to have worked out some sort of time-share arrangement for the living room. Loki is using it now. He's putting his time to good use, sprawling on the carpet and looking at me with that particular "nothing you can do can possibly excite me enough to make me so much as twitch" expression. I wonder if he's got a premium on the sunbeam.

Goodness, I'm sleepy. I should probably see about getting myself some caffeine. That Dr. Pepper sounds good.

The fact that I can select "recumbent" as a mood amuses me beyond belief.

EDIT: My head is throbbing. Owie. *pokes at the medication to try to get it to kick in*
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I made dinner tonight.

All by myself.

Well, Dad did the salad, but I did the rest. We had chicken saltimboca, cheese tortellini with pesto, salad, and some nice wine. Everything was done at the same time, and my family sang my praises the whole time while we were eating. I feel good. Plus, I liked how it tasted, so that means it came out all right. Yay!

Also, chicken saltimboca is super-easy to make and relatively healthy. If anyone wants the recipe, just let me know.


My mother just handed me an inflatable flamingo. Yay!

I still miss Alex. He called me again (it's so sweet that he calls me every evening while he's away) and let me know that he's relatively healthy, but we both need to exercise more. I agree. He sounded a bit tired. I can't wait until he gets home.

Tomorrow morning, I get to go home and visit my kitty for a little while. I'm sure he's okay, but he probably needs some water and I have to make sure he didn't urp anywhere. He probably needs brushing, and he definitely needs some attention. He's probably lonesome.

I suppose that's about it. I've had a lovely time relaxing, but I still want Alex home so that we can get things done. Now, it's time for bed.


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