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I did my cooking assignment for my Medieval Feasts Class today. Alex helped me.

The Assignment: Choose one of four recipes (given on a handout) to make. Make the food, following the recipe as closely as possible. Eat the food. Write two pages on how it went, what you would have done differently, and how this food would have been made in the 15th Century.

The Recipe: Cryspes: Take white of eyren, Milke, and fyne floure, and bete hit togedre, and drawe hit thorgh a streynour, so that hit be rennyng, and noght to sitff; and caste there-to sugur and salt. And then take a chaffur ful of fressh grece boyling; and then put thi honde in the batur and lete the batur ren thorgh thi fingers into the chaffur; And whan it is ren tigidre in the chaffre, and is ynowe, take a Skymour, and take hit oute of the chaffur, and putte oute al the grece, and lete ren; And putte hit in a faire dissh, and cast sugur thereon ynow, and serue it forth.

The Process: Having translated the recipe and reminded myself that this recipe was written before standardized spelling and punctuation, we measured out 2 egg whites, 1/2 cup of milk, 2 cups of flour, 1 pinch of salt, and one tablespoon of sugar. We mixed together the egg whites, milk, salt, and sugar, and then whisked in some of the flour until the batter dripped in ribbons when we held up the whisk. We had some flour left, so we added another egg white and more milk until the flour was all mixed in and the consistency was still right. Then we heated canola oil in a cast iron pan on the gas stove and dripped the batter into the hot oil as per the directions in the recipe. When the bottom was golden brown, we flipped the whole thing over. When the other side was golden brown, we transferred the "cryspe" onto a cooling rack placed over a sheet pan. Once the excess oil had drained off, we put the "cryspes" onto plates and sprinkled them with sugar.

"Cryspes" are FUNNEL CAKE!

Our Final Recipe:
3 Egg Whites
1 1/4 Cup + 2 Tablespoons Milk
2 Cups Flour
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1 Pinch Salt

Combine Egg Whites, Milk, Sugar, and Salt in a bowl. Whisk to combine. Add Flour slowly, whisking constantly. Heat canola oil until it's bubbly, then slowly drizzle batter into the oil. Flip once. Drain. Sprinkle with sugar and enjoy!

Makes 6 "Cryspes"

In other news, I have started my cloak. I have one out of eight (so far) seams done. There may be more seams to do if I have time.

Life is cheerful. Now, I must go and find my scribal books. Huzzah!
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It's been a good day.

This morning, I went to class. My first class was boring, as usual. My second class meant that I got my midterm back. I got an A. I am pleased, though I am still going to talk to my teacher about some points she took off. I mainly want to know why so I won't make the same mistakes on the final. Still, As are quite acceptable.

After class, we went off to Gray's and bought a couple of trees. One is a Japanese Red-Leafed Maple that just glows. The other is a Redbud. Both will probably get planted tomorrow.

After that, Alex and I did a little grocery shopping, and then we came home and relaxed for a little while. Then, we made dinner. Stew and garlic bread, plus a glass of very good red wine. I haven't gotten the stew yet (we got started late, and stew must cook for at least two hours), but it smells more delicious every time I lift the lid to stir it. The garlic bread has been delicious.

It's so nice to be able to cook dinner together. We've been cooking at home a lot more often lately, and I like that better than going out in most circumstances. Cooking together is definitely a bonding experience. Also, I didn't have to chop the humongous shallots that went into the stew, so no teary eyes for me! Mwaha.

Stew in ten minutes. I can't wait.
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I made dinner tonight.

All by myself.

Well, Dad did the salad, but I did the rest. We had chicken saltimboca, cheese tortellini with pesto, salad, and some nice wine. Everything was done at the same time, and my family sang my praises the whole time while we were eating. I feel good. Plus, I liked how it tasted, so that means it came out all right. Yay!

Also, chicken saltimboca is super-easy to make and relatively healthy. If anyone wants the recipe, just let me know.


My mother just handed me an inflatable flamingo. Yay!

I still miss Alex. He called me again (it's so sweet that he calls me every evening while he's away) and let me know that he's relatively healthy, but we both need to exercise more. I agree. He sounded a bit tired. I can't wait until he gets home.

Tomorrow morning, I get to go home and visit my kitty for a little while. I'm sure he's okay, but he probably needs some water and I have to make sure he didn't urp anywhere. He probably needs brushing, and he definitely needs some attention. He's probably lonesome.

I suppose that's about it. I've had a lovely time relaxing, but I still want Alex home so that we can get things done. Now, it's time for bed.


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