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Well, this is going to be my last day of no school this week, I hope. We've been pretty much snowed in for the past two days and, while that's nice for a while, I'm very uncomfortable with the amount of school I'm missing. Especially since I'll need to do make-up work. And there's an event this weekend that we need to paint charters for. (Not too many, and most of them are already painted, but still.) The weatherman says that things are supposed to warm up and thaw later this week. As long as they don't freeze again, I'm happy. Alex and I may be going down to the valley tonight with overnight bags if things don't shape up--I need to be in school tomorrow.

I was highly amused--and mildly overwhelmed--by the response that The Slug received on the different communities where I posted him. The pattern is, thus far, still incredibly messy scratchings in my notebook. It will probably not even be typed up for at least three weeks--I just don't have time with everything else I'm trying to get done. It also feels a bit odd to me--I knit it up mostly as a joke with the idea of knitting more later, and now it seems like lots of people want one. Who knew that slugs would be so attractive? I will admit, it is a snuggly slug. (Say that three times fast.)

It snowed like mad and pelted us with freezing rain up here yesterday, and then it started to melt. Today, my world is a sheet of ice. Yesterday, we tried to get me to school, but the truck slipped off the driveway (in four-wheel drive, no less!). We walked back to the house (not a long walk; we didn't get far), and Alex went out later and got the truck back into the driveway. We're safe and warm, but we're not going anywhere this morning.

I need to do some homework, I'm sure. I have two papers due at the end of this month. They shouldn't be too bad, but I really should get to work on them. I also need to ponder Midwinter's garb. I'm thinking tunics. Nice, cozy warm, wool, full-length tunics. I have a feeling it's going to be chilly, but you couldn't drag me away from Midwinter's this year with wild horses. Or wildebeests. Or anything. Slugs, even.

Time for coffee.


Apr. 26th, 2006 10:58 am
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This morning, Cassandra informed me that, while my introduction to her story was good, it needs to have more kumquats in it. Apparently, that's what kept popping into her head during her nervous struggle with her self-determination on the evening of her fourteenth birthday. Kumquats. While "kumquat" is a lovely word that rolls off the tongue with an effortless ease, I don't quite understand why on earth it would be the one to enter her mind when she should have been most focused on magic. Strange child. Still, it does make for an interesting first sentence: "Kumquats."

It has been quite some time since I updated here, so I think that a Life Update is in order. I am now one year older. I have a horrific cold, and I cannot hear out of one ear (still!). This is the third day of half-hearing. My family came through with some fabulous presents: A silk jacket and the Katamari PSP game from Alex, a photo of my parents in garb and stories of "How We Met" from my parents (as I requested), and a lavender-filled cloth thingy that you can put in the microwave (homemade!) from my parents and my brother. Also, a hilarious T-shirt that says "Pirates ARRRGH People Too." And some Pirates M&Ms that made me laugh like crazy. I spent my birthday weekend out of town in a not-very-secret location (Washington) and went to Seattle for the first time. That was fun.

I am now the Official Baronial Scribe for Adiantum, my SCA Barony. This pleases me greatly. Of course, this also means that there is only one person in my SCA household who is not an officer or an officer's deputy. Hrm. Being Baronial Scribe means that I am forced to do art, which is very good for me. Despite close deadlines, I am very happy. I held my second Scribal Night last night, and people came and helped, and it was altogether splendid. Also, Kinko's is the devil, and they shall have no more of my scribal business. Their printouts on our nice paper are not at all nice, and their copiers are often dirty. I dislike them, and I shall go to my little local printer from now on.

I am also taking a metal casting class at school now, and that's fun. I need to work on my wax today so that I can "invest" it and get it ready to be burned out. Then I can pour metal in it and actually have a pendant! Yay!

And now, I must go and see about cleaning up and getting something to eat.


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