Sep. 28th, 2005 11:18 pm
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So, I've been back to school for about three days now. My History of Christianity class is pretty cool. I like that it's being taught from a secular perspective--it gives me a new way of looking at things, and I'm getting a lot of information that I never had before. Medieval Manuscripts annoys me. The teacher is a bit airy-fairy and disorganized. Our readings are on a "however far we get" basis, which means that I don't have a set-in-stone syllabus. Call me kooky, but not having a list of readings and when they're due makes me nervy. At least she gave us the due dates for our papers. Further annoyance was caused by the fact that our teacher started us out with modern art. I realize that she's probably going to try to pull it all together, but I signed up for this class to study medieval manuscripts. I hope we get out of the modern era soon. Also, just to top things off, the final for that class is at 8:00 am on Monday of finals week. ERRRRGH.

My Restoration and 18th Century Literature class deserves special mention. My teacher is pretty nifty. I have no complaints as far as she's concerned. I do have a complaint with where the class is. It took me over half an hour to find it, as it is as far from my first class that day as it is possible to be. The classroom is in a converted house, on the third floor, practically off campus. I don't think that they should have any classes there. It is not a building with classrooms. The room we are in is small and crowded. In fact, all of my classes are crowded. That irritates me. It may be irrational, but I like to have more than six inches between me and the next person.

While I'm complaining, I hate those desks that are basically an armrest attached to a flimsy plastic chair. I take most of my notes on my computer (I type far more quickly than I write by hand), and it is impossible to set up my laptop on those stupid pseudo-desks. My favorite way of doing things is just having a room filled with tables and chairs. I mean, real tables. I mean, I'm grown up enough to be able to share a table and not jab my fellow students in the neck with my mechanical pencil. I can keep my hands, feet, and other objects to myself. Why can't I have a full writing/typing surface? And have you ever tried to balance both a textbook and a notebook on one of those little laminated armrests? Fuhgeddaboutit!

Other than these small annoyances, classes look like they're going to be interesting. I am, however, really looking forward to being completely done with school. My professors haven't hesitated about piling on the homework. So...much...reading!

And now, a Cat Update.

Mia has still not learned that she is not allowed on tables and counters. Today, she was caught on the dining room table. Alex scared her off, whereupon she dropped on Loki and scared the bejeebers out of him. Loki will recover. Mia has already forgotten all about the incident.

And now, bed. I'm sleepy, and I have a driving lesson tomorrow. Blargh.


Sep. 17th, 2005 10:57 pm
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My head hurts. Whine, whimper, whine.

Alex is playing Midevil on his PSPuny. It is hilarious. I would want to play it, but my head hurts. Did I mention that I had a headache? Owie. Ow, ow, owie. I still sit here and snicker at the funniness. Snicker, snicker, owch.

In other news, I now have one single-spaced page of Secret of the Single Sock typed. I need to do a little skipping about, I think, in order to get some of the scenes hammered out. I also need to figure out if my main character's great-great-aunt might have been a young woman during WWI. I think that would work out, but I need to get all of my history straightened out and the timeline set out in my head before I can be sure. Flashbacks are fun! Yay!

I am tempted to post the first paragraph of the story here, but it is short. Quite short.

Has anyone else noticed the trend in books of placing "a novel" after the title of novels? I mean, it's as if we, the readers, would never figure out that we were reading a novel without the authors telling us that we are. I have half a mind to title my first book "Insert Title Here: A Book." That'll get it on the best-seller list for sure.

I have almost finished Half-Blood Prince. If my head stops hurting, I may be able to finish the book tonight. If not, I shall lull myself to sleep with Mary Queen of Scots and see about finishing Half-Blood Prince tomorrow. I have my suspicions about who the Half-Blood Prince might be, but no spoilers until I finish the book. *shakes finger warningly at the world at large*

My entries lately have been short and, it seems, without much purpose other than to splatter my babblings across the internet. But, honestly, isn't that what LJ is for?

[ profile] brightshadowsky, can we talk soon about formatting my LJ? I have some nifty ideas, but I'm not sure how to implement them without getting a paid account. If anyone else would like to chime in with tips and tricks for LJ programming, that would be charming. I've been to [ profile] everything_lj, and I shall continue to peruse that, but if anybody knows some quick-and-dirty tricks for customization, I welcome those, as well.

Loki is mewing sadly. I feel sorry for him, as he is no longer allowed in the bedroom (we can't have one cat in there and not the other, as both litter boxes reside outside of the bedroom). When Mia goes, then Loki will regain his rightful territory, but until then, he must share in Mia's exile. Poor thing. Life is so unfair sometimes. And now Mia has taken over his chair. No wonder he's mewing. His throne has been usurped.

And that's pretty much it for the moment. Except for the fact that Alex made smoothies. We had some strawberries that needed to be used up, and he combined the strawberries in a blender with ice, a little leftover white wine (Gavi), and a little honey. Delicious. I'm going to sleep very well tonight.

A review of Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy will have to wait until morning. Night-night, all.
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I am tired. Last night, I had a lovely time at an auction (my first) to benefit the Eugene Opera. I looked absolutely smashing, if I do say so myself (though I did learn, while preparing for the auction, that one should not ask, "How do I look? Gorgeous?" of one's husband before he has put his glasses on, unless one wishes to receive the answer, "Fuzzy."). Auctions are lots of fun, especially when they come after a gourmet dinner, complete with wine and very rich chocolate desserts. The auctioneer was hilarious, the bidding was brisk, and Alex and I came out of it with six varied bottles of quite nice wine. For a conversation partner, I had a lovely lady named Evelyn (I love that name) who was also an English major in college. We talked of Spain, punctuation, and the frustrations of grammar rules that won't hold still for ten seconds. I also told her the panda joke, which she had never heard. She had, however, read Eats Shoots and Leaves, so we talked about that.

I always feel a bit odd at these functions, as I often feel that I'm a bit out of my league. The auction was easier to enjoy than the Gala, as it was a bit less formal. (Let me emphasize that I thoroughly enjoyed the Gala. The auction was a different kind of fun. For one thing, I was wearing corduroy pants at the auction, and my heels were considerably less spiky than they were at the Gala.) I am not a society lady; I feel much more at home in blue jeans sipping a Dr. Pepper than at some fancy event in a formal gown. Still, having had a taste of "the high life," as it were, I have to admit that I enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I definitely wouldn't want to do it every day, but I definitely enjoy "hobnobbing," but only with people I know. Heh.

So, after an extremely filling evening, Alex and I returned home. We slept, and then we got up far too early (in this case, around 9:30 am--don't laugh at me!) to go walking with my mom-in-law in the park. It was actually a pretty day, despite the threat of cold rain in the morning. (The cold rain was what made me so reluctant to exit bed.) After our walk, which took about two hours or so, we went for lunch. I haven't walked that long--at a good pace--for a good while, so I was pretty tired when we finished the walk, and lunch about finished me off. Full, comfortable, and sleepy, we wandered home. Since then, the day has been pretty peaceful. Loki and Mia are behaving, for the most part, and they appear to have worked out some sort of time-share arrangement for the living room. Loki is using it now. He's putting his time to good use, sprawling on the carpet and looking at me with that particular "nothing you can do can possibly excite me enough to make me so much as twitch" expression. I wonder if he's got a premium on the sunbeam.

Goodness, I'm sleepy. I should probably see about getting myself some caffeine. That Dr. Pepper sounds good.

The fact that I can select "recumbent" as a mood amuses me beyond belief.

EDIT: My head is throbbing. Owie. *pokes at the medication to try to get it to kick in*
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So, I've set Swashbuckler Files aside for the moment in favor of a crazy, hopefully-short story titled The Secret of the Single Sock. I finally got a good beginning down this morning, and the story amuses me as I write it. That's all good. The story begins with a letter--an eviction notice. It can only get better from there, right?

Mia stayed up half the night and meowed. She has decided that all closed doors are an abomination, and therefore she must attempt to get into every space (including cupboards) that is hidden behind a door. Getting breakfast for myself this morning was an interesting exercise. Early this morning, I woke to find Mia sitting on my nightstand, staring at me. (To clarify: "early" for me is "around 6:30 am.") I was amazed to find her there, mainly because I couldn't figure out how she had found space to sit without knocking everything to the floor. I informed her that she was not allowed up there and moved her to the bed. She purred for a while, then went and hid behind the couch in our bedroom and meowed incessantly. After a few "Mia, shut up!"s, I got up and ejected her from the room, closing the door behind her. She didn't seem at all irritated by this; I assume she wandered off to bug Loki.

Loki, on the other hand, sat quietly in a sunbeam and, when I got up around 10:00 am, graciously allowed me to pet him. I think that he's trying to show us that he is a dignified, well-behaved cat, not a barbaric noise-maker like Mia. Loki and Mia continue to avoid each other, merely hissing at one another as they pass. Neither of them hiss like they mean it, really, but both get bopped gently on the nose when they do hiss. They need to learn that is not acceptable behavior in the house.

Mia is a complete and total love, meowing whenever she sees us and always wanting petting. She sat on both of our laps last night, moving between them at will and thoroughly enjoying herself. I think that Alex's mom will like her a lot.

I'm still not sure about getting Loki a kitten. We may just wait until Loki leaves us (not for a long time) and then get two kittens like we originally planned. We'll see where we are at that time.

I suppose that's it for now. I have another driving lesson today, but no car to practice on. Bah.

EDIT: Also, last night, when Alex, [ profile] arianadream, and I went for Mongolian Grill, I dropped a piece of tofu in my water. Why? Because I'm just that coordinated! *clicks chopsticks together*

EDIT II: How does one find a good format for informing someone that they have inherited? My main character is inheriting her Mysterious Great-Aunt's estate, and I'm not sure how a family lawyer would inform an heir.
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Well, we've brought home our new housemate. Her name is Mia, and she is a pretty kitty. Loki took one look at her, backed up against Alex, and hissed. He was terrified. Mia, meanwhile, has made herself right at home. At the moment, she is relaxing under the dining room table while Loki very, very slowly inches closer to her. They're mainly staring at each other. I expect that they'll be fine within a few days. To be honest, I was more worried about Mia than Loki, but he seems to be the scaredy cat. Plenty of petting and reassurance has been given to both felines, so they'll have to sort the rest out for themselves. Loki accepts petting calmly, but he keeps his gaze fixed on Mia. Mia, meanwhile, bumps her head up against our hands and purrs her little heart out.

I hope that they behave themselves tonight. Silly kittens.
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Greetings, all. I have returned, happily, from visiting my many relations in northern California. While I love them all dearly, they tend to encourage unhealthy habits in me. I spent the week sitting on my butt, eating bad-for-me food, and inhaling cigarette smoke. I really wish Grandma would quit. I would mind less if I didn't have to breathe it and if all of my clothes and other items didn't smell like smoke when I got home. -_-;; Other than these minor irritations, the week was pretty fun. It would have been more fun if I hadn't been PMSing and missing Alex. (I apologize if this is too much information, but PMSing means irritable Elfie who cries at the slightest provocation. Not a good thing this time around.) I did enjoy talking to my relatives, and I'm over halfway done with the first sock of the pair that I'm knitting for my sister-in-law for Christmas. Accomplishments! I also cooked dinner one night, making my now-famous chicken saltimboca. Alex and I always cook chicken saltimboca when we're at other people's houses--it tends to impress people, and it's easy to make. An added advantage is that I have yet to meet a person who doesn't like it.

Also, [ profile] buneater, I have started reading Pride and Prejudice. The reason why I direct this especially to you is because it amused me to learn that the main character's name is Elizabeth (also called Lizzy), while her older sister is named Jane. That gave me a bit of a chuckle. The book is good, if you like that sort of thing, which I do. Alex has informed me that he detests Jane Austen in all her forms. That's all right; he doesn't have to read Jane Austen. I, on the other hand, will be reading all of her books one by one.

Alex has also informed me that he has finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I shall probably be finishing that within the next few days, interrupting my reading of Pride and Prejudice to do so. I usually like to finish one book before starting another, but if I wait to read Half-Blood Prince until after I finish Pride and Prejudice, my father will explode from unspoken spoilers. He has been very considerate about not talking about Half-Blood Prince around me, but I don't want to keep him silent too much longer. That would be cruel. Besides that, I'm really looking forward to reading it.

In other news, we will be boarding a cat for about the next three weeks. We're picking her up this week. My mom-in-law is moving into a new house, and she has been offered a cat. Unfortunately, the cat is available before the remodeling on the house will be finished, so she needs a place for the cat to be until the house is ready to be lived in. "Ah!" thought Alex and I. "We wanted to know how Loki would deal with another cat in the house, anyway! What a perfect opportunity!" We'll be meeting with the kitty's current owner before we bring her home so that we can talk about any special needs and habits that the kitty may have. I'm pretty excited. If Loki deals well with a housemate of his own species, Alex says that we might get him a little sister. I think we'll call her Freya. This would be highly appropriate as, if I recall correctly, the Norse goddess's chariot was drawn by a team of cats.

As well as finishing Half-Blood Prince, Alex also did lots of work and laundry while I was away. I am grateful. The house is still a bit messy, but that's normal. Heh.

I think it will take about a week for me to get the smoke out of my lungs, but I already feel better now that I'm home. School starts in two weeks. Begin countdown.

I'll be continuing to catch up on my e-mail and friends page, so watch your space.

Addendum to [ profile] buneater: Just as a noodge in your direction: Jane. Jane, Jane, Jane. *emits psychic rays*

In conclusion, I rock:

You scored as D'Artagnan. You are D'Artagnan, the brash Gascon who embodies the high ideals of the Musketeer. You are sometime your own worst enemy, but your motives are pure and your character is unimpeachable. You are destined for great things and passionate (though often ill-fated) love.












Edmund Dantes






Which Dumas character are you?
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