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It's odd to realize that updating LJ has been so low on my list of Things To Do. Lots has been going on in my life (as usual), and things have been busier than ever. "Lemme 'splain. No, that would take too long. Lemme sum up."

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I think that's it for now. I had what I call "The Explody-Insides Disease" from Sunday night through Tuesday, and my tummy's feeling a bit unstable this morning. I probably just need breakfast. Next time: High School Observation, Summer Plans, and Socks!
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So, yes. I still live, breathe, stand upright, and even drive occasionally. (Like yesterday. I drove all over the place yesterday. I will have my license by fall.) Life has been crazy-busy, but in a good way. I don't have time this morning to issue a full report, but here is my To-Do List for today. It should give you some idea of what I've been up to.

To Do:
1. Get out of bed and get coffee.
2. Eat stroopwaffel (sp?). (In progress.)
3. Clean out truck so that [livejournal.com profile] arianadream has a place to sit.
4. Find and pack toiletries, including extra-strength antacids. (This is not a reflection on anyone I plan to see this weekend; it is just an important precaution.)
5. Pack truck with eventing gear.
6. Double-check to make sure that all Summits scribal gear is packed and ready to go. (It is, but a double-check won't hurt anything.)
7. Wait for [livejournal.com profile] arianadream to arrive. (8:00 am)
8. Go to June Investiture!
9. Set up Baronial Pavilions.
10. Relax.
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Does this surprise anybody? It shouldn't.

What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Literature Nerd

Does sitting by a nice cozy fire, with a cup of hot tea/chocolate, and a book you can read for hours even when your eyes grow red and dry and you look sort of scary sitting there with your insomniac appearance? Then you fit this category perfectly! You love the power of the written word and it's eloquence; and you may like to read/write poetry or novels. You contribute to the smart people of today's society, however you can probably be overly-critical of works. It's okay. I understand.

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What Be Your Nerd Type?
Quizzes for MySpace

I wanna go read now. ;_;
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It is my birthday, and I am filled with joy!

This has been a really fun weekend so far. We came up here (to Olympia) on Friday afternoon. Alex picked me up from my school observation, and we hit the road. Traffic was not so good, but we got in around dinnertime. We went out with Jason and Heather (Jason's girlfriend) and had Italian food. Yummy Italian food. As in, made by real Italian people Italian food. [livejournal.com profile] alysaundre approved, and you know Italian food is good when [livejournal.com profile] alysaundre approves. Then we hung out with Jason and Heather for a bit. Jason made me a chocolate cherry cake! We get to eat that today. Yaaaaaaay! It has ganache frosting! We would have eaten the cake on Friday, when it was fresh, but I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on Jason's couch for a wee bit and had to be awakened to go back to the apartment. But that's okay.

Yesterday, we went to Seattle. But first, we went to the comic book/gaming store. The comic book/gaming store is moving to a new, spiffy place soon. We got to see the plans. The owner is really excited. We bought lots and lots of Pirates (to play with on Sunday), as well as a couple of board games that we've been looking for and a big, fuzzy, purple, six-sided die for Alielle to learn her numbers on. ^_~ (Overheard in the shop: "Well, let me put it this way. He's not a part of reality-based society, if you know what I mean.") As the Birthday Girl for the weekend, I got to decide what to do after that. I really wasn't certain, because I've only been to Seattle once in my memory, and that was last year. We did most of the touristy stuff then. Yesterday, we saw the Space Needle (as in, we walked up to it, pointed, and said, "Look! It's the Space Needle!"). We also went to the Experience Music Project, which I had never seen. That was pretty cool. I got to learn all about Jimi Hendrix and see the giant guitar sculpture. Now, I have to actually sit down and listen to some of Hendrix's music. I know I've heard a bit of it, but I'll pay attention this time. I love how music is part of culture and culture is part of music. EMP also had a "Music of Disney" exhibit, but, to be honest, I really wasn't that interested. Besides, there were too many small children everywhere. (I had several "Damn kids! Get off my lawn!" moments yesterday. It made me feel old.) We also saw an exhibit on the history of the electric guitar. That was fascinating.

While I loved the EMP, I loved the attached Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame even more. That was absolutely awesome. The exhibits made me realize that there is a lot of fundamental sci-fi that I haven't read. I have decided to make a book list, starting with Farenheit 451, and read my way through it. I think this is part of my responsibility as a future English teacher. The Sci-Fi Museum also made me want to write, and research authors and their influences, and write some more. It was fascinating to read about how much sci-fi has been influenced by politics and what's going on in the world at the time. People--particularly writers--are incredibly interesting.

Following our time in the Sci-Fi Museum, we sought out our true goal--Weaving Works. We found out that they closed at 5:00, so we hurried on over. I am now wishing that we had gone there quite a bit earlier, though that would have meant that I would have taken home far more than I did. Did you know that Weaving Works (calling this place "a yarn store" would hardly do it justice--they have spinning, knitting, and weaving supplies by the truckload, and the fiber! The yarn! *goes into raptures*) gives you a discount if you come in within a week of your birthday? I really wish I would have picked up more sock yarn. I didn't know about the birthday discount until I got to the counter, alas. I didn't even go near the 100% silk, though now I wish I had. Next year. In any case, I picked up some silk/merino in two lovely colors at 20% off (this wasn't the birthday discount; this was just a sale that made it easy to justify my purchases), some blue sock yarn (Lorna's Laces, I think?), some orange varigated sock yarn of the same type (for kittens, believe it or not), and some orange varigated cotton, also for kitten purposes. (Fear not. The silk/merino and blue sock yarn are for socks.) Alex picked up a ton of weaving thread in various colors and some couching cord in gorgeous silver. Everything that wasn't 15% off was 20% off, and I also got Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's new book! Huzzah! Also, Weaving Works has punch cards. Ours is almost full. Also, since we're Oregon residents, we didn't have to pay sales tax! The ladies at Weaving Works were lovely and friendly, we had a wonderful time, and [livejournal.com profile] alysaundre says we need to go back sometime without Jason. (We didn't want to bore Jason.) Maybe we'll head back to Weaving Works around [livejournal.com profile] alysandre's birthday.

We went to the Ram (one of my favorite restaurants of all time) for dinner last night, and that was delicious. I had a beer. It was very good. I also had food in the form of fajitas. Those were also very good. We chatted with Heather, who is in the last quarter of her student teaching (go, Heather!) and had been writing lesson plans all day. Then we all went back to Jason's. Heather had to go home and crash, so the rest of us watched Donnie Darko. That was a severely bizarre movie. It was very well done, but it's a movie that cannot really be explained--it has to be experienced. I think I'll watch it again in about a year so that I can see what I missed while I was going, "WTF?" After the movie, [livejournal.com profile] alysaundre and I went back to the apartment and to bed.

This morning has been relaxed and nice. We're going to head over to Jason's in a bit here and cook/eat Bachelor Chow (which is really yummy) and drink coffee before nifty people come over for gaming. We're going to play Pirates and other board games and generally relax today. And eat cake! Cake is imperative! I will also probably knit non-Egil's things.

I found out this morning that I now have a paid account! Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] lady_anyanka! *snugsnugsnugs* I shall have to make more icons and explore the new powers given to me by the Paying.

And now, I must fetch [livejournal.com profile] alysaundre away from his video game and announce my extreme hunger to him. I leave you with this message from Cute Overload:
It's Dangerous To Go Alone. Take This!
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I actually had a pretty good day. Check out [livejournal.com profile] alysaundre's LJ to see one of the reasons why! I just had to show off this shiny new icon that will hereafter be used when I'm having a particularly bad day and I need a good laugh.

EDIT: I have misspelled "arrabbiata." Woe.
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First of all, Happy Easter, everyone. I hope you have a good day.

I wish I had a photo to illustrate this next bit, but just about anybody with a cat has seen this and will laugh.

I got up from my computer in order to go and tell [livejournal.com profile] alysaundre that I need lunch right now OMG, and my cat looked up suddenly to see what I was doing.

With his tongue sticking out. Just a little bit. And you know how some people can curl their tongues into a "u" shape? He was doing that, too. So, I was faced with this little, grey, fluffy cat with the teensiest bit of bright pink tongue sticking out of his mouth, looking startled. Of course, he had pulled his tongue back in by the time I returned with a camera. I'll be more prepared next time.

I'm going to be giggling at that image for the rest of the day.
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I have this stuffed black sheep that is about the size of my cat. The sheep sits comfortably on a cushion on the still-folded-out couch-bed (yes, it's been a bed instead of a couch ever since Midwinter's, and it now doubles as a storage space for yet more stuff that really needs to be put away). Just a few seconds ago, Loki walked up to the sheep and sniffed it, then looked at me as if to say, "What is this thing doing on my cushion?!" Now, Loki seeks a more suitable place to rest his regal self, preferably on something black in a sunbeam. At the moment, he appears to be considering my suede coat.

I am almost finished entering the Egil's preregistrations into my ingenious spreadsheet. Very few people did things that caused me to question them, and I shall be calling those people and getting some answers. Homework proceeds apace, despite the fact that I hate doing homework. My practicum is actually all kinds of fun--I am a little nervous about what will happen when I actually get to teach the sixth-graders for two weeks. I am about 85% certain that I will not be eaten alive, but I'm going to practice my lion-taming skills, just in case.

I am still working on getting photos done for the Kitten Assembly Instructions, as well as Slug Instructions. The Kitten Assembly Instructions will be posted as soon as I, my camera, and an unassembled kitten are in the same place at the same time. Slug Instructions may take a bit longer.

I have not yet reported on the March Adiantum Arts and Sciences Saturday. It was a blast. I brought my spinning wheel and played with it. I cannot really say that I spun anything, but I practiced. I also taught [livejournal.com profile] corvideye how to do a basic fingerloop braid, and she taught herself how to do a flat braid. That was all kinds of fun. [livejournal.com profile] corvideye also brought many, many fibers for us to look at and touch. Yak is neat. I worked on my purple socks, which are finally done. I will post pictures soon and use them to illustrate the Importance of Gauge. Clean socks should not be able to stand up by themselves. [livejournal.com profile] hl_mauera also finished her first sock. Having done that, she immediately cast on the second one. No Second Sock Syndrome Sufferer, She. (Say that three times fast.) I also brought lots of scribal stuff, and many people painted (including [livejournal.com profile] fearga, who says that charter painting is very relaxing). Also, as a direct result of the A&S Saturday, I had a new person at our last Scribal Night. I keep getting her name wrong, but she forgives me.

The next A&S day is April 15, the day after my Brother's Wedding. (Yes, that deserves the Capital Letters of Foreboding.) Alex and I have tickets for the ballet that day, but we plan to go to the A&S day in the morning before the ballet and in the afternoon afterwards. It is so nice to get together with lots of people and work on projects.

Speaking of projects, I've got lots of them to finish by Egil's. Many of these are scribal projects. I love art, and I would much rather do that than schoolwork. *sigh*

Tomorrow is Easter. [livejournal.com profile] alysaundre and I will be going over to my parents' house for dinner. I will be getting my mom on LJ, so I'll keep you all posted on her username so you can all stalk befriend her. My brother is also on LJ, but I can't remember his username. I'll let you all know when I find out.

What else can I tell you? I'm busy, as usual, but things seem calmer today because I have no homework on Monday (though I do have class) and I have no Tech class (though I really should go and work on my Tech projects). Plus, I have a wonderful husband who just generally makes me grateful to be me every single day.

And now, it is time for me to go and finish up entering those preregistrations.
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I am such a string geek. Here are a few nifty things:

1) Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot) has a new book out, which I must purchase at my earliest convenience. The book is called Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting, and it is available at all fine bookstores. If you love yarn and/or knitting and/or spinning, you should read all of Stephanie's work and Her Blog. She makes me laugh and cry, and not just because I love knitting. She's an awesome writer.

2) This should possibly be 1a, as it refers to the Knitting Goddess above. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's long-awaited Knitty Gritty episode will be airing on the DIY network on April 17. You'd better believe I'm putting that on my TiVo.

3)KnitPicks is an agent of Evil (and I mean that in a good way!). They keep tempting me with new and exciting things. Today, as I wandered by their website in order to look up the name of a yarn I already had (because I was too lazy to actually go and look in my yarn drawer), I saw that they had a new yarn: CotLin. It is a machine-wash, machine-dry cotton-linen blend. Curse you, KnitPicks, and your shiny new yarns! I need to get some things knitted up before I even think about buying new yarn. Bah! Bah, I say!

Also, on KnitPicks, the button for adding things to one's shopping cart says "Add to Stash." That made me giggle.

Adiantum Arts & Sciences Saturday is tomorrow. I shall sew, and knit, and possibly paint. And not do homework! Eeeeeeeee!

To Do Today:
1) Finish annoying PowerPoint presentation thingy. (I hate PowerPoint. I may have mentioned that.)
2) Cut out tunics.
3) SPIN!
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It figures. I finally have a break (of sorts), and I get sick. Sore throat, runny nose, achy muscles (especially in the neck), the works. Thank God it doesn't appear to be strep. I don't think I could handle that right now.

[livejournal.com profile] alysaundre and I still haven't been able to really celebrate our anniversary, but I am a very, very lucky woman. I love and adore my husband, and not just because he got me the most amazing anniversary present ever and put it together for me.

What is this present, you may ask? It is a spinning wheel. And not just any spinning wheel. It is a double-treadle Ashford all-wood construction single-drive Traveler spinning wheel. It is sitting in my breakfast nook right now, and it is freakin' gorgeous.

There was much squeeing on my part when we went to pick it up today. [livejournal.com profile] alysaundre is a wonderful, wonderful person who is very good at enabling my fiber addiction. We have all kinds of exciting fibers around the house that I can't wait to start spinning. I can make (and dye) my own yarn! Joy! Unfortunately, I have almost no energy at the moment, and it's about time for bed.

I shall name my wheel tomorrow. I think Fortuna might be an excellent name. ^_^
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I'm finally home from Coronet. I am exhausted. This was definitely a working event for both me and Alex. I'm sitting here trying to remember everything that happened, with a happily-purring cat on my lap and a new, shiny medallion around my neck, and everything is sort of out of order in my head. I think my nose is sunburned, and I haven't had any lunch. Nonetheless, I'm feeling pretty good. I need to go and have a shower in a few minutes, but I wanted to hit the highlights here before I go do that.
Coronet was fun, even though I spent most of the event at Gate. We ran out of tokens, so Alex cast more on site. That was severely nifty. We kept joking about how these tokens were "fresher" than the other tokens, being right out of the kitchen and all. On Friday, many many people came through Gate. I was at Gate from about 12:00 noon until about midnight, with some breaks for food and things like that. Some nice people came and chatted with me toward the wee hours, and that was nice. I spent most of my time at Gate working on kittens when I wasn't checking people in. Kittens went into the autocrats' baskets that they gave to the royals, and Alys helped me finish the last one (the one that went to His Majesty) on Saturday.
Saturday was crazy-busy with people coming both for Saturday and Sunday and just to daytrip. I got a little frazzled, and then my dad showed up and took over Gate for me (which I really appreciated). Mom and I got to walk and chat for a little while. [livejournal.com profile] arianadream was also there with her brother, so I got to chat with them for a short time. Then, before I got to see any of the tourney, I was called away to do my other job--scribal. Not a problem; Sharon the Merchant's Wife and Alainne du Lacey and Ketterlin had all brought charters for me, and I had a few already. Alex and I got the names on them, and then Alex wound up back at Gate while I finished up Court stuff and got the kittens finished and turned in.
Finally, Alex managed to close Gate. It seemed that, every time he was ready to close Gate, someone else would arrive. Alex and I went to check in with Their Highnesses, got in the procession, and walked into Court. (Somewhere in there, I managed to get fully dressed and brush my hair. I hadn't had time that morning, and, when I asked Alex if my hair looked too bad, he told me that "It looks very period." *chortles*) The Prince and Princess handed out a few awards. Many gifty baskets were exchanged. I was highly amused by the reaction to the autocrat gifties, as murmurs of "Look, kitties!" went up among the enthroned. The King held Court. Imagine my shock when the first name called to kneel before the King was my own.
[livejournal.com profile] vesta_aurelia, who is a very naughty person and makes me giggle in Court, whispered that I was in "soooo much trouble." Even though I do realize that the SCA is "just a game," it is still a bit scary to be called before the King. I think it's a good thing that they have you kneel before royalty--it hides knocking knees. Several people told me later (with much amusement) that my poleaxed expression was highly entertaining. I received my Jambe de Lion, and can now put "HL" for "Her Ladyship" in front of my name. I'm not sure how I got back to my place (Ambrose helped), but I spent the rest of Court there in a state of stunned amazement. His Majesty handed out more awards, Their Highnesses also handed out more awards, and William Geoffrey the Rogue and his lady, Stephanie, stepped up as the next Tanist and Tanista of the Summits. Thomas, who has more of a name than that though I can't remember it, received the Shield of Chivalry.
Toward (and hastening) the end of Court, it began to rain. And rain. Court closed rather quickly, as most of the populace was not under shelter, and all fled for their camps. [livejournal.com profile] morrghan92 camped with us, and Alex and I had a wonderful conversation with her. The weather continued to sprinkle on and off, but it showed some signs of clearing. We also wandered by the Summits camp and chatted with the people there briefly (Her Excellency welcomed me to "the flotilla"), but both Alex and I were utterly exhausted from being up extremely late the night before and getting up extremely early that morning. I slept like a rock.
Today, we went to Summits Moot (which I think is fun, though that may indicate that I am a sick, sick person). It only sprinkled a little bit, and then it got sunny. I got a little bit of knitting done for me, and that was soooo nice. I love the yarn--Knitpicks Telemark, 100% wool, comes in lots of good colors at only $1.99 a skein. Admittedly, the knitting I did is on an experimental pouch for my class I hope to teach at Egil's, but it was still fun knitting and not kittens. I have nothing against kittens, but I knitted four of them in the past week and sewed up five. It's time for something else.
After Moot, we cleaned up the site, took down and packed the Baronial pavilions and stuff, and chatted with people. More scribal stuff will be occurring! I also hate grad school with a passion right now, as it is getting in the way of lots of things I want to do. My weekends for April are pretty much booked with school stuff and my brother's wedding (which I still have to send my bridesmaid's dress back for, as it is too small for me), which means no eventing for me in April. That sucks. Can't I just get a grant for SCA research and go to events for a living? Ah, well. We'll see what happens after grad school. In the meantime, I'm just going to do as much as I can. Spring Break may wind up being mostly "OMG-let's-get-stuff-done-for-SCA-because-I-will-have-no-time-later" kind of thing. And I'm okay with that.
Babbling about SCA philosophy will come later. Time to go and shower and get something to eat. Or at least get these muddy boots off.
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I have lots and lots to say about stuff in general, but I don't have the time just now. I hope to do some serious updating within the next couple of days. Right now, life is just plain crazy. I'm feeling a lot of pressure from several different directions. If I wasn't in grad school, I could handle the rest of the stuff easily. With grad school, however, I'm feeling a bit...smooshed. I know that things will work out, but I need about another week to fulfill both homework and SCA duties. It's hard when I'd rather be doing SCA stuff, and I feel like I'm just treading water here. However, I'm learning. I'm learning a lot about myself and my capabilities, as well as being a teacher and an SCA officer. More on that later, I think.

For now, here is Part I of the (not very) Top Secret Kitten Formula! In my next post, I hope to be able to post the pictures that are required to show how to assemble the little critters. For now, here's enough to get you knitting!

The Kitten Formula! )
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I wasn't going to post until I had the kitten pattern ready to go, but I saw this in The Yarn Harlot's Blog, and I know many people on my friends list who need to see it:

It's all going to be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.

I'm going to write that in calligraphy, illuminate it, and hang it up over my desk.

Now, I must go pack.
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First, the good news. I went to visit the lovely [livejournal.com profile] fearga at the costume shop. While there, I got to chatting with some of the nifty ladies there, and one of them noticed that I was knitting. She mentioned that she had gotten a fabulous score of four balls of handspun, hand-dyed alpaca yarn at an auction for $15. While I was envying her purchase, she asked me, "Do you want it? I still have a couple of balls left." I stared at her. Give away alpaca? Was the woman mad? I finally managed to ask, "Are you sure? It must be gorgeous stuff." She assured me that the yarn was, indeed, gorgeous, but she had seen me knitting kittens and thought the yarn would make perfect little critters of all types. Besides that, she was "done with it." Again, my mind boggled. Done with alpaca?! Still, having made certain that she really didn't want the yarn anymore, I felt no compunction about taking advantage of her insanity and gratefully accepting her offer. She left the yarn at the costume shop for me, and I picked it up yesterday. It is beautiful--a lovely, deep red with what appears to be a tiny strand of black running through it. Far, far too gorgeous and touchable to be a kitten, as lovely as the kitten would be. I believe that I have enough for socks for Alex, and that is what the alpaca yarn has declared that it wants to be. The color is perfect for him--a deep jewel tone, but still quite manly. I really, really hope I have enough. If I don't, then I shall find another yarn to extend the alpaca so that it can still fulfill its chosen destiny. However, I think that I shall keep the alpaca in my stash for a few days so that I can take it out and rub it against my cheek occasionally. It's that kind of yarn.

Now, the bad news. (Though this may be good news for some people, like [livejournal.com profile] naelany). Joann's has every single skein of yarn on sale. Every. Single. One. [livejournal.com profile] naelany, I know that you do Prayer Shawls, and I just wanted to let you know that all of the Homespun is on sale. The sale is going on in the stores and online. The temptation to pick up that one kind of yarn that I like is strong, if only I could remember what the name of the yarn is.

Speaking of that particular yarn...I made a scarf out of it (it's a wool/cotton/nylon blend, unplied and so soft) and wore it just about every day this winter. Yesterday, I made the mistake of tossing said scarf over my friend Ashley's Psycho Cat (tm). Psycho Cat sniffed the scarf innocently while I was watching. I looked away for about ten seconds, and, when I looked back, Psycho Cat had torn a hole in the scarf and was happily pulling stitches out with his teeth. I took the scarf away and examined the damage. It turned out that Psycho Cat had broken the yarn in a looser stitch about halfway down the scarf. I pulled out the tormented strand, neatly separating my scarf into two halves. I shall probably frog the scarf and reknit it. The incident amused me more than anything--the scarf is a simple one, and I have more than enough yarn of the exact same type and color in my stash to make another scarf. It was my own fault for underestimating Psycho Cat's destructive powers. Of course, my neck is cold now.

I have pretty much decided to merge [livejournal.com profile] needle_ninja with this account. Would people like to be on a "crafty filter" or something like that? Is there anyone out there who would prefer not to read about my yarn adventures? Just let me know; I promise not to be offended. Not everyone out there is obsessed with fiddly string crafts.

The Elfie Icon Challenge continues. If people require inspiration, I would really love some sort of knitting icon...I don't have one of those yet. I may look at making one myself, eventually.

I must go and see about getting a bit of lunch now. My stomach has been misbehaving today, but I think it wants food. I believe that the kitten pattern will be coming next entry--watch this space!


Feb. 19th, 2007 02:20 pm
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Okay, lovely people. My darling Alex has joined the LJ Revolution! Head on over to [livejournal.com profile] alysaundre and say "hi!" And be nice. *firm look*

In other news, here is my response to [livejournal.com profile] hrothgar1's Laurel Challenge back on this entry.
Thinking Positively )

A lot of the solutions I propose for my shortcomings seem so simple. Also, now that I am a bit further away from the event and can view it more objectively, I didn't do a horrible job. That does not mean, however, that I won't take all of you up on your offers of help! Mwahaha.

I have a lot of homework to do today, and I'm avoiding it! Wheeeeeee! I will get it done; I just don't want to work on it right now. So there.

I'm working on an entry in which I will post my modified knitted kitten pattern, as well as the "Kitten Formula" that I have worked out. I have been informed that there are many people up North who want one, and kittens are a great way to use small amounts of handspun!

I also feel that I should warn those who read this journal that I will be posting photos and ramblings on my fiddly string crafts here as well as in [livejournal.com profile] needle_ninja. I'm trying to decide whether I should keep [livejournal.com profile] needle_ninja at all, or just combine the two journals. Thoughts?

Time to go and glare at my homework in a meaningful way until it quails before me and finishes itself.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] brightshadowsky!

I can't believe I didn't post/call on the actual day...it's even in my Auxilary Brain. I hope it was wonderful! *snugsnugs*

Further postage will occur when I am really and truly over this nasty cold. I'm almost there--just the cough left!
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Link: The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test written by KnightlyKnave on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

That said, I'm going to bed. I feel awful, but I have to get up at 6:00 and go to school so that my grades do not suffer. If I weren't so sick, I would go to school anyway--my favorite class is tomorrow--but I feel nasty. *sigh*
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I would like to publically announce that I was wrong, and [livejournal.com profile] arianadream was right. Pat Morita died in 2005, not 2001. It seems like longer ago, for some reason. So, I was wrong. In my research to learn this, I also learned that Pat Morita not only did the voice for the Emperor in Mulan, he also voiced a timeshare-obsessed karate master in Spongebob Squarepants. And now you know!

That said, my life has been full of school, cleaning, and SCA lately. Midwinter's is coming up, and I don't feel anywhere near ready. I will have no new garb, and that makes me a bit sad. I will have fewer charters than I was hoping to have painted, and that makes me sad, too. (One of them is cursed, I swear. It has caused me Scribal Angst.) Midwinter's itself will be quite busy, but that's okay. I actually like busy events. I will be geeking out, and I like geeking out. I will also get to see the Domesday Book, and I am thrilled about that. We will be hosting six people and a dog at our house (last count) so that they, too, can attend Midwinter's and geek out. That's awesome. I just hope we have enough food. We should, I think.

And now, I must flee and see about doing some more cleaning.
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Well, this is going to be my last day of no school this week, I hope. We've been pretty much snowed in for the past two days and, while that's nice for a while, I'm very uncomfortable with the amount of school I'm missing. Especially since I'll need to do make-up work. And there's an event this weekend that we need to paint charters for. (Not too many, and most of them are already painted, but still.) The weatherman says that things are supposed to warm up and thaw later this week. As long as they don't freeze again, I'm happy. Alex and I may be going down to the valley tonight with overnight bags if things don't shape up--I need to be in school tomorrow.

I was highly amused--and mildly overwhelmed--by the response that The Slug received on the different communities where I posted him. The pattern is, thus far, still incredibly messy scratchings in my notebook. It will probably not even be typed up for at least three weeks--I just don't have time with everything else I'm trying to get done. It also feels a bit odd to me--I knit it up mostly as a joke with the idea of knitting more later, and now it seems like lots of people want one. Who knew that slugs would be so attractive? I will admit, it is a snuggly slug. (Say that three times fast.)

It snowed like mad and pelted us with freezing rain up here yesterday, and then it started to melt. Today, my world is a sheet of ice. Yesterday, we tried to get me to school, but the truck slipped off the driveway (in four-wheel drive, no less!). We walked back to the house (not a long walk; we didn't get far), and Alex went out later and got the truck back into the driveway. We're safe and warm, but we're not going anywhere this morning.

I need to do some homework, I'm sure. I have two papers due at the end of this month. They shouldn't be too bad, but I really should get to work on them. I also need to ponder Midwinter's garb. I'm thinking tunics. Nice, cozy warm, wool, full-length tunics. I have a feeling it's going to be chilly, but you couldn't drag me away from Midwinter's this year with wild horses. Or wildebeests. Or anything. Slugs, even.

Time for coffee.


Jan. 13th, 2007 01:41 pm
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